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Top 5 Dispatch Software Solutions in 2021

By Tanvir Singh 10th December 2020

The ultimate guide to the top 5 Dispatch Software solutions will help you pick the most efficient dispatch technology for your business. Get ready for the best results! 

Out of all the dispatch-related decisions, the most challenging part for any business is to find the right dispatch software. What works best for you may not always be a good fit for others. 

Therefore, you need to determine what brings the most value to your enterprise. Remember, technology can only be rewarding if it is best suited to your unique business requirements. 

Business owners need to ensure that the operations are in the right hands since these services directly affect their stakeholders. The integrity of any brand, therefore, is in the hands of a quality dispatch software that minimizes risks and costs, boosts productivity, and most importantly enhances customer engagement. 

In this article, we will enlist some of the best software solutions that could transform your business operations in days. 

Service Titan

Service Titan is one feature-rich dispatch software that is best suited for more extensive operations or companies that are looking forward to expanding. It is known for its super easy interface and simple features that benefit everyone involved in the dispatch cycle, right from managers to technicians and customers. 

Top 5 Dispatch Software Solutions in 2021: Tookan

Service Titan Dispatch Board 


  • Scheduling and Dispatching
    The super-easy scheduling and dispatch board lets you drag and drop assignments in case of last-minute orders and sudden cancellations. It even enables you to schedule future jobs by ensuring that no agent is overburdened while others are left out. 
  • Call Booking

Call booking is another feature that simplifies the process of converting a general inquiry into a potential lead for the sales rep. It populates the client’s information on the screen on every incoming call, helping to book appointments. 

  • Marketing 

In addition to booking appointments or monitoring the dispatch orders, the software also helps in marketing. It offers a feature called Marketing Scorecard that will allow you to create different marketing campaigns, monitor them and tweak them later if required. The customized individual and comprehensive marketing reports also make analysis easier. 


  • Suited for large-scale businesses
    While Service Titan is known for its super easy interface and simplified features, it may not be best for small or medium enterprises. Enterprises that fail to meet the minimum staffing requirements will not be able to avail their services. Large enterprises, especially the ones dealing in HVAC installation and repair services, use this software for handling all aspects of field service management, including sales and marketing. 
  • Expensive

One of the key deciding factors for buying any software is the price. The software is a bit on the expensive side, and therefore it may not be a viable option for small or medium-sized enterprises. The company doesn’t make its demo services easily accessible for everyone, which is also a significant drawback. 

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In addition to automating tasks for large-scale businesses, FieldEdge: 

  • takes away the hassle of dealing with endless paperwork, 
  • offers great visibility into work orders, 
  • simplifies billing and 
  • has an easy-to-use interface. 

However, when it comes to routing, flexibility for small-scale operations, and pricing, you may have to consider other options. 

Top 5 Dispatch Software Solutions in 2021: Tookan

An in-depth view of customer profiles on Field Edge 


  • Scheduling and Dispatching 

A super-efficient interface that offers excellent visibility into work orders and agents’ job status. The calendar layout and different color icons simplify the entire scheduling and dispatching process. The app also lets technicians make instant invoices on the field.

  • Billing and Invoicing

FieldEdge’s collaboration with QuickBooks has made the process of billing and invoicing a lot more efficient. Dispatchers can see up-to-date prices of thousands of field service and maintenance industry items. 

  • Ease of Use

The work order feature automatically creates new orders, every time a customer calls. However, sometimes general inquiries are mistaken for booking calls.

Easy access through mobile devices is another feature that benefits technicians extensively. Mobile access makes their jobs easier by listing the day’s activities, total no. of orders, hours completed, etc. 


  • Routing 

Route optimization is one of the most important features of any dispatch software. By picking the fastest and shortest routes for its field agents, it makes the process of dispatching less expensive and more efficient. FieldEdge may have some of the best features, but route optimization isn’t one of them. 

  • Suited for large-scale operations 

If your team’s no bigger than 20 people, FieldEdge may not be a viable option for your enterprise. This is because this software isn’t designed for small players, the features are only valuable if applied to broad inventory and a wide variety of service tasks such as HVAC installation and repair, plumbers, electricians, food delivery, etc. 

  • Expensive 

No matter how advanced the features are, it does boil down to the price of buying and installing the software. FieldEdge is a bit on the pricey side, and there is a separate cost involved for the remote training and setup of the software. 

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Tookan is known for its best-in-class features, affordability, and most importantly, a free 14-day trial period which helps you test its feasibility for your business. The best part about Tookan is its prices and business agility. 

The software comes with five different customized plans, suitable for all stages in a business- early stage, startup, growth, standard, and enterprise. So no matter where your business currently stands or what your future goals are, you will always have a dispatch system at your disposal. 

Tookan has a product and solution for every industry such as retail, food delivery, courier, insurance, movers and packers, home services, etc., and all these services are listed on the website itself, unlike other software. 

Also, since it’s a web-based service, there is no waiting period. All you need to do is sign up for a demo and avail of the services. Here’s why we think Tookan may be the perfect fit for your business. 


  • Dispatch Dashboard

Tookan offers an efficient centralized board for managing your business operations. Some of its features are:

  • Generating bills 
  • SMS and payment gateways 
  • Geofencing 
  • API access 
  • Recurring tasks 
  • Custom field templates 
  • Inventory management 
  • Logistics. 
  • Service App

The service app enables smooth operations and enhances customer engagement. From operation alerts, optimized routes to the digital proof of delivery, the service app keeps everything organized, fastens the delivery process, and keeps everyone well informed. Some other features are easy navigation, agent wallet, agent capacity management, and automatic barcode generation. 

  • Extension apps & Tracker 

The extension apps simplify operations, make the onboarding process easy for merchants, boosts productivity by tracking reviews and allow real-time tracking for customers. All this collectively, makes the delivery cycle easy and efficient for dispatchers, merchants, and customers.

The software also has an advanced tracker for real-time fleet management. This reduces the overall maintenance cost and increases operational efficiency. 

  • Customized Plans and Free Demo

Here comes the most interesting part; Tookan offers five different plans for different stages in a business. So whether the business is still at its nascent stages or is well established with 50 or more employees, you just need to pick the most suitable package and start dispatching.

Additionally, a free trial helps businesses test their feasibility for their business. All five plans include a 14-day free trial, and you may also avail of the recent discounts here. 


In terms of features and pricing, Tookan covers everything. However, customers seem to be facing a little trouble with using certain features. 

Dispatchers can get confused between so many features when it comes to customized services. Hence, the company is working on expanding its support team for the best results. 

Also, while it does have an instant chat-based support system on the website, a call button would be great. 

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Housecall Pro 

Housecall Pro is one of the simplest cloud-based field service management platforms that keep track of hundreds of technicians on the field, monitor their activities, and produces instant invoices. The best part is, it allows its customers to book services directly via a mobile app that saves a lot of time. 

Top 5 Dispatch Software Solutions in 2021: Tookan

The complete dispatch status on Housecall Pro


  • Scheduling and Dispatching 

Like any other quality dispatch system, Housecall Pro offers efficient scheduling software. All you need to do is click on a schedule, choose between a job or event and add notes for customization if required.

The dashboard is super user-friendly. Therefore adjustments can be made quite easily without much support and instructions.  

  • Invoices

Instant and easy invoicing is one of the best features of Housecall Pro. The software immediately pops up a filled-up invoice; all you have to do is modify and send.

The customers also have the option to pay directly from the invoice. 

  • Ease of use 

The Housecall Pro app is as easy and efficient as its web version. The app, with the help of Google maps, automatically uploads a picture of the customer’s address which eases the navigation process and reduces the delivery time.

The software’s true strength is its ease of use which eliminates the need for training programs. Simple features will help you start dispatching right after signing up. It also offers a free 14-day trial. 


  • Expensive 

The software offers different subscription plans based on the number of users. Starting with $49/month, the software is a bit on the expensive side. 

  • Limited Free Support 

Housecall Pro only offers chat-based support on the website. In case you need additional support, you may have to sign up for the second subscription, and in case you need your account manager with added phone support, you’ll need to upgrade your plan. 

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Service Fusion 

Service Fusion is always a step ahead when it comes to tracking and monitoring field services. The software has a great GPS tracking program that helps dispatchers monitor all activities and movements closely. 

While it offers the most basic app user interface, the web version was found to be somewhat bland and cluttered. Speaking of prices, large teams can benefit from the three-tier pricing- Starter, Plus, and Pro starting from $99 a month. 

Top 5 Dispatch Software Solutions in 2021: Tookan

Extensive job details at one place- Service Fusion 


Scheduling and Dispatching 

The scheduling screen is quite basic and simple to use. It has a drag and drops calendar that makes scheduling easier. 

The work order management feature helps you create orders that allow you to log basic info about the job and make other important notes. The panel at the left side of the screen acts as a bird’s-eye view of your business. 

It shows a complete list of jobs assigned or in progress, dispatched, invoiced, or even the appointments which were a no-show. 

Invoicing and Billing 

It has excellent billing and invoicing software that helps you generate invoices with a single tap on the home screen button. You can also check whether or not the customer has opened the invoice email. 


Service Fusion has an advanced GPS tracker for route optimization and monitoring on-ground activities. It helps dispatchers keep tabs on the technician’s location and or even sudden breaking incidents. The advanced version, however, comes with a package upgrade. 


Cluttered Desktop Version 

The software lacks a good virtual interface which would have made the dispatching operations even more appealing. There is absolutely no difference between some tables drawn on paper and the actual screen. The bland and unattractive visual design makes the process mundane. 

Lack of pricing options for small businesses 

The pricing of this software depends on the features you want for your business. The starter package starts from $99 a month and goes until $349 a month, which is quite expensive. 

Plus, it becomes a value for money software only when you have a lot of employees as paying such a hefty amount for a few employees with not-so-advanced features may not be the right choice. 

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Still can’t decide the right software? Here’s what you need to consider 

Not every software offers great automation and visibility at flexible prices. While some systems are easy to use, others have complicated functionalities, and yet, some are simply not designed for small-scale businesses. 

A quality dispatch system, however, meets all these requirements. A good dispatch software offers exemplary features and adapts well to the current as well as future business requirements. While every software listed above has its benefits and challenges, 

the one that fulfills your dispatch requirements will be the ultimate winner. 

For instance, if you have a large enterprise and price is not a big deal for your business, software like Service Titan and Housecall Pro might be a good choice, although we’re still expecting some good feature updates from these two. 

However, if you have just started and are unsure about your dispatching requirements, Tookan might be a perfect choice. The software is equipped with some of the best features that are nowhere to be found. Besides, the five different subscription plans for all business stages are certainly a value-for-money deal. 

Once you have factored in all your requirements, sign up for the most appealing demo software and transform your business for the best. Hope to see you make the right choice!

Therefore, you need to determine what brings the most value to your enterprise. Remember, technology can only be rewarding if it is best suited to your unique business requirements. 

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