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Tookan Launches Offline Payment Capability

By Josefin Holmberg 4th July 2016

Lost internet connection? No worries! Tookan is now launching an offline payment capability, making it possible for field workforce to process payments without internet connection. The new feature enables service providers to proceed with their next task, creating a more seamless experience for both businesses and customers.

But why?

Field workforce have previously been stranded due to connection issues creating a delay in deliveries for both service providers and customers. Developing countries and certain areas may face issues with internet connection making it difficult to process online payments upon delivery. The offline payment capability removes this barrier making it possible to conduct payments anytime and anywhere.

How does it work?

Easy! In areas where the connection is lost or low, the service provider can choose the offline payment option and move on to the next delivery. As soon as the service provider regains the connection, the application reports back, updates and the payment will be processed.

Growing e-commerce + On-time deliveries + No internet connection = Happy customers.

Predictions show that the e-commerce will increase by 45 percent in 2016 compared to 2015. and will account for almost nine percent of total retail sales. Simultaneously, “on-time deliveries” are of great importance as studies show that 17 percent of consumers would refrain purchasing from a retailer again after receiving a late delivery at one occasion. No longer being dependent on internet connection is another step towards meeting your delivery deadlines, and achieve happy customers.

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