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Tookan Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Nanobots To Empower Field Workforce

By Ramneet Singh 1st April 2016


The Future Of Field Workforce Management Is Here Sooner Than You Think

Those who were fantasized by one of the most powerful scenes in the global chartbuster movie named, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, where Dr. Cobra Commander, supreme leader of the Cobra organization, prepares an invincible fleet of “Super Soldiers” by injecting technologically engineered nanobots into their brains to control and enhance their capabilities as soldier of the future, surely are more than convinced that nanotechnology is the future.

The leap from Fantasy to Reality

You all will be glad to know that Tookan has firmly stepped into the future of nanotechnology and taken a huge leap forward towards the future by infusing nanotechnology with the Fieldforce Program.

We feel immense pride to announce and introduce to you the world’s very first nanotechnology based micro capsules that use “Nanobots” helping businesses track and control the field workforce.

Yes, you heard it right! As an inseparable part of this future technology, Tookan has truly made its mark in the industry by offering the world a new platform, which is way ahead of its time.

Before we get into the details about how this technology works, we would like to congratulate every member of Tookan team and appreciate their hard work behind this remarkable achievement.

It all started with an idea to change the way we communicate from peer to peer, then followed the real-time tracking and body action based triggers. This next big thing would not have been possible without the immense research in the domain of nano technology over the last 5 years.

Reference - Tookan

Inspired by the capabilities of nanotechnology to create structures with drastically enhanced physical, biological, chemical properties, processes, and phenomena, we began with our venture of inventing the capsules that constitute millions of nanobots, which can induce biological modifications in the human organism, such as increased physical capabilities, enhanced communication ability, and accelerated traveling ability.

The combination of Tookan’s Fieldforce Program and  nanotechnology has given a birth to the new era of “Super Humanoids” with significant wireless communication capabilities and communication hardware for future workforce applications.

These capsules are injectable in the human body, and they form a wide network of communication between the ones implanted with the capsules. Just a mere though or some specific body action can trigger a message through nanobots, allowing one to one and one to many communication.

These nano devices have herald a new age for the science and technology world, and will leave huge impact on the future of communication capabilities in the distant future. In case all of this sounds too good to be true, we humbly agree that it is actually the case. Well at least for today! Happy April Fools Day.

Having successfully brought a new era of technology into the 21st century, we believe that these advancements will surely offer us more and more essential elements needed to lead us to the next technological revolution.

Let us know about your views about Nano Technology making the world a better place, in the comments below.





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