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Tookan Introduces “Freelancer Module”

One of the most challenging aspects of making last mile delivery successful during the peak season is to expand their fleets. There can be various reasons that you need to depend on external fleets from third-party delivery providers, crowdsourcing, etc. It is also possible that you might be a business that uses external fleet providers only during the peak hours of the day, to make deliveries on time and hassle-free. Whatever the reason be, you should always have complete control over your delivery operations regardless of who’s doing deliveries.

To help business owners gain full control over your outsourced delivery fleets, Tookan introduces “Freelancer Module”. Tookan’s Freelancer Module is designed to allow companies to manage third-party fleets delivering your packages with full control and visibility.

By using a flexible technology like Tookan, companies can easily onboard delivery agents and make sure they perform the work assigned to them while ensuring its quality. Freelancer’s module enables business owners to keep an eye on all your delivery fleets irrespective of in-house or outsourced in a single admin dashboard. The module enables the fleet to choose from all the available tasks displayed on the flash screen as per their availbalility, as an outcome admin need not to assign the tasks manually over and over again.                               

Key Benefits Of Freelancer’s Module

  1. Enjoy the centralized delivery management for all your delivery fleets.
  2. Gain complete visibility and control for all your deliveries.
  3. Automated task assignment for external fleets.
  4. Scale up delivery operations as per need.
  5. Improve the customer experience by making on-time deliveries.

While outsourcing delivery fleets have many advantages for the company, it still posses certain challenges that can be overcome using Tookan’s Freelancer Module.

  • Data – Data is driving businesses in the modern world. While the company plans to shift delivery operations to external fleets they should be able to share data with the driver and at the same time should maintain control over customer data.
  • Payments – It is time-consuming and a tedious task to maintain paper records for the payments of external fleets. An integrated functionality makes it way easy to maintain financial records.
  • Efficiency – Efficiency of delivery drivers is always a factor with external fleets. With an integrated system for external fleet enables you to have full control and analyze their performances for your company.

Tookan’s Freelancer Module can easily be activated from the Tookan Marketplace

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