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Tookan Introduces “Freelancer Module”

By Nammitta Dutta 10th April 2019

We all have come across a situation where we wish to work for some extra bucks, Situations where we are compelled to work some extra hours.

Take an example you’re a salon owner and looking for a flexible solution. Where you could share all the jobs for a day at once on a flashboard visible to the people supporting you in your business can pick the ones they want to do hassle-free,  Isn’t it all you’ve ever wished for?

Approximately 57 million Americans were freelancing in 2017 and if trends continue over half of American’s will freelancing by 2027, according to an article in Forbes. Some of those are full-time freelancers while others are still holding down a 9-5 job, but doing side hustles in their free time.

Customer satisfaction has always been our forte. We at Tookan have always aimed at simplifying our customer’s life and to simplify it even more, Tookan introduces Freelancer Module

Freelancer’s module brings immense flexibility and ease in the business owner’s life. It gives the business owner liberty and flexibility to share all the jobs for the day with the freelancers in a single click. It helps business owner reduce their daily time of allocating the job to different freelancers over and over again. It enables the business owner to share all jobs on a platform and gives freelancers the opportunity to choose the job they want to pick up and get paid for as many as they choose. This benefits both the business owners by saving their precious time of allocating jobs over and over again and freelancer to choose jobs they are comfortable with.

The agent subscription plan is a special feature in our module. It is very similar to any other subscription plan where you pay for a time period to avail the services. It gives business owners the power to outsource their jobs to a freelancer with a subscription plan for a time period of their choice. In this time period business owner acts as middlemen between the customer and freelancer. All the jobs on the business owner’s platform are automatically directed to the freelancer app maintaining complete transparency between the business owner and service provider.

Freelancers Module has especially been curated keeping in mind the pain points of business models like healthcare, staffing, salon, home-services, last-mile delivery and likewise.

Key Benefits Of The Module:

1) Scale up your business by outsourcing your jobs to freelancers.

2) Reduce work hours by sharing all the jobs in one go.

3) Complete visibility and transparency between the freelancer and business owners.

4) Gives freedom to freelancers to choose clients and jobs.

5) Business owners can add various subscription plan for freelancers.

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