"Covid-19 crisis is forcing a lot of people out of their jobs, we want
to transition them to work from home jobs"

CEO & Founder, Samar Singla

Our CEO’s vision to strengthen the
COVID-19 fight

#Project Grassroots

Project Grassroots is an initiative that Jugnoo & Jungleworks have taken as a "Collective Responsibility", to help people in this social & economic crisis around the world. The project would be fully funded by Jungleworks & Jugnoo and we will also strive to help people set up faster and on-time delivery services through our Fatafat App. Also, under this project, we will be pursuing a training and onboarding program wherein we would train & support people who have been laid off from their respective jobs. We would pursue to provide paid internships & job opportunities in the months to come with us and also with other companies who will be supporting us in this one of its kind projects. Initially, the company is looking to contribute 1 million dollars to the fund and as a collective responsibility. We aspire to seek support from various organisations & companies as a part of this initiative, which would help people to keep their lives going, by whatever contribution we all can do from our end.

Details of the project:-

  1. Quicker Onboarding on FATAFAT App
  2. On-time and quick delivery of essentials by fatafat i.e. medicines, grocery, food, etc
  3. Setting up funds to employ people who are either laid off or out of work due to the lockdown
  4. Training & Onboarding program, where people will receive paid internships & employment
  5. Training as well as employing 1,000 people

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