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An Open Appeal to Uber

By Guest User 9th December 2014

Dear Uber,

When the world was being exploited in the hands of the rude cab drivers, you came to rescue and gave the first On Demand Taxi App to us. Your disruptive innovation didn’t just revolutionize the taxi sector, but also inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to sail in the direction of Sharing Economy. In fact, the famous ‘Uber for X’ concept, stimulated from your business model, was the very reason why we started Juggernaut at the first place.

However, we regret to say, that you have disappointed us. How can a 40 billion dollar company be so irresponsible and arrogant? Uber is always making the news for all the wrong reasons. All press is NOT good press. There are over a hundred incidents like this, this and this, and this, and this. You get the idea. It is quite evident that you do not give a rat’s a**. So our question is, if you are propagating an anti-law approach, then why not start a new Uber for Cocaine branch? We are sure you will earn hell lot of money, and still maintain your brand image of a rebel.

A thought that often crosses our mind, dear Uber, is that do you take a moment and think about what effect your actions can have on others? Being the part of a Sharing Economy market, we can see our Customers and Stakeholders losing faith in this new way of doing business. They assume that we will be equally brutal and heartless like Your Highness. Because, unfortunately, you have become the face of this marketplace; and your actions very much reflect our intentions, which is quite unfair.

Hence, as a law-abiding and responsible company associated with planning a Sharing Economy Startup in every corner of the world; it is our request to you to be humble and sensible. Because, to be honest, your app is no rocket science. It is your brand which is (metaphorically!) your oxygen. So be smart and don’t cut your supply.

Be humble, innovate and grow responsibly.

An ex-Fan,


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