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On-Demand Delivery Services: Must-Have Features For an On-Demand Delivery

By Aastha Malhotra 16th April 2021
Benefits of On-demand service

The on-demand economy has gained immense popularity in the last few years. It has seen a growth of around 18%. Instigated by companies like Airbnb and Uber, this business model has redefined customer experiences across multiple industries. Food, beauty, transportation, travel, and healthcare being some of them. 

As more companies offering services are trying to find better ways to serve the customers, experts believe that this economy will only grow further

The on-demand services have been made virtually painless due to the extensive use of mobile apps. As a result, they’ve become an integral part of modern lives. They’ve become particularly famous amongst millennials. Around 49% of on-demand service app users are millennials and the annual average spending on the on-demand service app delivery is $57.6 billion.  

An on-demand service app acts as a mediator between the customers and service providers. It provides a win-win for both customers and on-demand service providers. 

Here are some of the vital benefits of on-demand service apps. 

Benefits of On-Demand Service Apps 

On-demand service


While a lot of people think only about easy delivery, that isn’t the entire case. Their convenience goes way beyond just delivery. An on-demand service app provides customers with multiple payment methods and options for real-time tracking. In addition to that, they allow users instant access to quick and advanced search. 

For service providers, on-demand service apps help them reach a wider target audience quickly and grow their business.

Faster Deliveries 

With on-demand delivery apps, admins get to process more incoming orders quickly. Mobile apps for on-demand services also allow delivery agents with quicker pickups and the chance for faster deliveries. 

Plus, customers can get their favourite items delivered with a touch of a few buttons in record time. 

Despite all these benefits, not every app development company can make a potent on-demand delivery app. To have a competitive edge, on-demand service providers need to have an app with robust features to meet the customers’ expectations efficiently. 

So, if you’re a service provider looking to create an on-demand delivery app, here are some of the features that an on-demand delivery app must-have. 

Must-Have Features for an On-Demand Delivery App 

1. Live Tracking 

The customers using an on-demand delivery app need reassurance. And one of the most efficient ways to do that is by adding live tracking to the app. It allows the user to monitor every move of the delivery executive and know their precise location. Plus, customers feel more in control because they’re able to track the progress. 

On-demand service app-Live tracking feature

2. Secure Payment Options 

One thing that customers cherish the most while using an on-demand delivery app is secured payments. That is why the on-demand delivery app must have secure and reliable payment getaways. 

And while online payments have become quite popular in the last few years, you shouldn’t restrict customers to only one payment option. An on-demand service app must provide multiple payment options to the customers. It’ll allow them the opportunity to make the payment at their convenience. 

3. Push Notifications 

Having a push notification feature is vital for an on-demand delivery app as it communicates all the necessary notifications to the users on their smartphones. From the time remaining for delivery, current status to courier locations, it would communicate everything.

This feature is truly one of the most effective ways for an on-demand service provider to establish communication with customers. 

4. Ratings & Reviews 

To build trust among customers, service providers should include an option for feedback. They can do so using a ratings & reviews feature on their on-demand service app. It’d allow customers to share their experience and product information with other customers. 

Plus, it would also help the on-demand delivery service providers improve their service based on their feedback. 

5. Login/Registration Page 

This page is perhaps the first page that’d flash on the customer’s screen when they open the app. So, it must be attractive and easy to use. Instead of going for the lengthy login route, choose an efficient path. 

The on-demand service app should allow users to log in and register using a social media platform of their choice. In addition to making the process easier for the customers, it’d also enable service providers to gather valuable information for future purposes. 

6. Easy Navigation 

On-demand service app- Easy navigation feature

An easy navigation feature is vital in an on-demand delivery app because it allows the delivery personnel to navigate the customer’s address effortlessly and facilitates easy delivery completion. Easy navigation through a seamless interface makes the ordering process easier for the customer as well. 

Why Should You Choose The Tookan App? 

The Tookan app provides tailor-made solutions to every on-demand service provider. Here are some of the features of Tookan that make it one of the best on-demand delivery apps. 

1. Optimises Delivery 

One of the significant features of the Tookan app is that it optimises delivery. It does so by eliminating manual steps by automatically dispatching orders and retrieving the most efficient delivery path through route optimisation. 

2. Allows Customisation  

Tookan allows service providers the chance to customise the app as per their taste and requirement. You can create a user-friendly interface for your customers. 

3. Provides Advanced Analytical Reports 

Tookan allows on-demand service providers the chance to generate advanced analytical reports of customer orders. Such reports can be used by businesses for faster query resolutions and future planning. 

4. Eases Cash Management 

Using Tookan, on-demand delivery owners can maintain a detailed record of each transaction done by their delivery agent irrespective of the payment mode. It can be done via the brand new agent wallet feature. 

5. Allows Easy Integration 

Tookan allows business owners to integrate their existing systems and POS (Point of Sale) with the app. As a result, on-demand service providers get to streamline their business operations effortlessly. 

In addition to the features, here’s what on-demand service providers get by using Tookan for deliveries

  • Owner’s Dashboard 

Using a single dashboard or portal, you can view and manage all the orders from your customers. Plus, you’ll get the chance to engage with your customers. Along with that, owners can also track delivery agents in real-time with powerful geo-analytical tools. 

  • Customer App 

Customers get easy access to the robust features mentioned above through this intricately designed app. 

  • Agent App 

Apart from getting route optimization, delivery agents also get task reminders & alerts with the app’s help. Moreover, delivery agents can easily communicate with the business owners using in-app messaging. 

Tookan’s App builder also allows on-demand delivery providers to create on-demand delivery apps without any coding skills. What’s more? On-demand service providers can get a free trial. 


The on-demand service economy has taken the world by storm. It has effectively bridged the gap between the demand and supply of services.

They provide transparency, are affordable, and offer a lot of comfort to both customers and business owners. However, to build an on-demand delivery app that’s efficacious and user-friendly is a talent in itself. It requires you to add the vital features and elements to ensure a smooth ride. 

Live tracking, push notifications, easy navigation, and reviews are some of the must-have features in an on-demand delivery app. And Tookan provides you with all this and much more. So, if you’re a business looking to make an on-demand delivery app, Tookan is just what you need! 

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