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NPNT Compliance

By Arjun Sharma 22nd October 2019

What is NPNT Compliance?

NPNT or ‘No Permission – No Take-off” is a software program that enables every RPA (except Nano) to obtain valid permissions through digital sky platform before operating in India.

Why NPNT Compliance?

  • Due to the Security threats that drones can possess, as they come in all shapes and sizes ranging from nano to large.
  • To regulate the drones properly as they not allowed in the red zones and no-go areas like within 5km of airports, military facilities and within 5km of Vijay Chowk in Delhi.
  • In the worst scenario, If an NPNT compliant drone tries to breach geo-fencing, the in-built software will compel the drone to return-to-home (RTH).
NPNT Compliance

No Permission No Takeoff

NPNT requires all manufacturers to implement firmware & hardware changes that only allow flights authorized by DGCA to physically take-off.

No drone will be able to fly without first specifying to the DGCA its:

  •  Intended flight envelope
  •  Time of flight 
  •  Pilot credentials

Many countries today are using NPNT one such example is Canada they have made their ‘Safety Assured Flight Envelope’ (SAFE).

How NPNT works?

  • User installs the Digital Sky App provided by DGCA
  • Submit the pilot registration number with all the details of the pilot
  • Submit UAV/drone UIN number with all the details
  • Request for permission before flying
  • UIN, UAOP and the current location is transmitted to the server
  • The server checks whether its green zone, yellow zone or red zone
  • Checks for other exceptional entries for no permission and the UIN, UAOP validity
  • If everything seems OK then the permission is sent with a notification to the user app. 

No Permission No Takeoff is a new concept in all over the world for controlling UAV usage and traffic. This is a part of Digital Sky platform released by DGCA India. The user (pilot) have to register himself(with UAOP) and the drone(with UIN) and then install a mobile app to get permission for each flight just before flying. 

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