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New Feature: Relax. Recur. Rewind.

By Manav Kambli 3rd December 2016

This week, we introduce yet another feature to Tookan, which will amplify its already potent scheduling capabilities. We call this the Recurring feature – while simple in its scope, its potential is immense.

A Few Cases to Chew On

Let’s run a case-by-case scenario, particularly to do with logistics based businesses. These include food-delivery gigs, the delivery of household items and gifts and can also include any businesses that facilitate essential services right at your doorstep.

An ideal customer would be someone with a subscription to your service. For food delivery, say you have someone slotted for the month, wherein you have to take care of at least two orders of theirs during the day. There will be times where your delivery fleet may all be engaged during a particularly busy day and their order may just be compromised.

Repeat customers absolutely loathe that. The fact that they took a shine to your business should be testament to the fact that they expect nothing but the best service.

What about something like on-demand laundry? Someone who is on a tight working schedule where appearances are absolutely crucial and needs their laundry delivery to be absolutely on point, will want to schedule it accordingly. Your delivery will be the key to retaining customers, which has been a sore problem for on-demand laundry of late.

Take yet another case, if you’re an on-demand delivery company that will transport mostly any commodity from A to B for a price. If another company begins outsourcing their deliveries from you and requires you to be absolutely impeccable in terms of a long term engagement, you cannot falter midway.

flower delivery

We can discuss a florist’s scenario here. Flowers are particularly fragile items, and aside from requiring proper handling, need to be delivered within set timings. Making sure that happens every interval, without failure, can be quite a hassle if done manually.

Most of what we discussed involve points where customer retention is key. You need to be able to repeat your logistical feats with great accuracy and moreover, with great consistency.

The recurring scheduler is a great solution to that.

Recur with a Touch

At Tookan, the future is not some vague area that we leave to chance. We believe in foresight, and our program’s ability to be adaptive.

The Recurring feature lets you customize logistics where, your repeat customers are all consolidated for in terms of a scheduling marvel. By entering set parameters once, Tookan can automate all your recurring deliveries and failing those, take into account the leftover days which accumulate lost time by the end of the month. You can schedule indefinitely, from a month to over 3 months if need be – all depending on the customer’s needs.

At the end of the day, the agent will make minimal mistakes when this sort of scheduling is automated and does not need to be verified again and again.

Not only does it resolve key issues for logistics, it’s a great way to manage your workforce too. If an agent has to perform a set of key tasks, say three times a week for the next three months, then you can set those parameters and rig reminders for the agent. You can also monitor progress in terms of deliverables and see if everything is on track.

flower delivery service

So, all you need to do is relax, set the recurring as desired, and rewind the scenario for optimal scheduling.

Stay tuned for further updates, and consider partnering with us for your next disruptive business venture – we can lend more than a hand.

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