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Merchant Entity for Tookan

By Shashank Sharma 17th August 2018

Do you want to become an aggregator and manage multiple merchants in your business? Tookan brings just the right solution for that with our latest “Merchant Entity” add-on, which can be activated from the extensions and can be used for onboarding merchants and managing the related fleets and tasks. Admin has full control over the merchants and their day-to-day operations. Admin can effortlessly view and manage merchant’s agents and tasks from the admin dashboard. Admin can add, view the list of merchants and manage them. Merchant preview also provides the option to have a detailed view of individual merchants. What’s more, this add-on can be added free of cost from Tookan extensions. After all, expanding your business should not be hard on the pocket!!!

Merchant is basically a seller or service provider on a marketplace. This new feature was born out of the need for businesses to function like aggregators and manage on-demand delivery requests for multiple merchants under the same umbrella. This add-on helps such businesses to build their own marketplace by creating merchants for their marketplace. This add-on assists these businesses to onboard and manage merchants from the admin account. Once onboard, merchants can log in to their own dashboard from where they can manage their agents, tasks and other functionalities. The business admin has full access to all of the real-time details and activities of the merchant including, but not limited to tasks and agents.

There are multiple use-cases for this. You could be looking to start a new business where you get food delivery orders from your customers and you direct those orders to the nearest merchant available. Or you could be an existing chain of restaurants looking to decentralise order taking and delivery management for your incoming orders. The possibilities with this add-on are endless!!!

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