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Map Overlays – Personalize Your Maps

By Yukta Singh 28th September 2018

Do you want the freedom to determine what you want to see on your maps or go with the basic, standard and non-exciting map? Jungleworks has always strived to give what is expected and even more. Gladly, our zest for going the extra mile has always paid off and helped us make customer satisfaction our forte. Hence to boost customer satisfaction, Tookan introduces a new “Map Overlays” add-on.

Map Overlays presents you with the freedom of choosing your map’s theme as you see them in Google Maps. Choose what color your landmarks, labels, roads and every other element on the map looks. Not only the theme you choose will be overlayed on the maps you see, but also your customers and managers will be able to view that. These customizations will not only be limited to your dashboard but to every other map that you see on Tookan whether during the create task activity or the tracking link that is sent to your customers.

It’s not just about the colors

Through this add-on, you can also choose to view the location of your teams. Yes! Just check out the view teams checkbox while configuring your add-on, enter your team’s address in the Teams Section of Tookan and you will be able to see a marker on the map for your team. Using this marker you’ll be able to see the central location or hub of your teams. Distinguishing between the agents belonging to different teams will also become much simpler.

Tookan also goes an extra mile to increase user interactivity with the maps. The geofences that until now you could only see in the settings section, can be seen on the dashboard as well.  Use the Map Overlays add-on to view regions on the dashboard. Viewing merchants’ teams and geofences will be much simplistic. This aims at not only giving a personalized look to your maps but also the luxury of creating tasks while simultaneously viewing the teams and their corresponding regions.  Assignment of tasks will also become an easy job. Now you’ll not have to run between pages to view team locations and the working regions marked for agent and teams. All of it is just an add-on away from your account.

We believe that Map Overlays will provide you a more personalized feel while using Tookan. Customize your map for the themes, geofences, and team addresses from the marketplace and you are good to go!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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