Creating a level playing field for
local businesses in the digital era.

"We're bridging the gap between your local businesses
and tech solutions to grow and scale it."

The current scenario

We at Jungleworks understand the disparity that exists amongst the local business next door and the expensive tech solutions available to take them online.

With heavy expenditure not only financially, but also extensive man hours in testing, researching and development makes it difficult to create an online platform for a local business which covers online ordering, delivery optimisation and customer engagement.

Which is why we've spent years in creating the right combination of applications needed to not only cover ordering, delivery, & engagement, but also to scale it.

Our vision

Providing the right tech stack to ensure success and scalability to hyperlocal businesses of all sizes.

Our mission

Creating a level playing field for local businesses by empowering them with an end to end solution to compete in the digital world.

What we're trying to do

We're providing an alternate way, to every local business out there, to create their online presence, through an online ordering, delivery, and growth platform.

Why are we doing this?

Local businesses have forever been the backbone of every economy and we are an organisation that has always supported entrepreneurs. It is because of entrepreneriual spirit that we as an organisation have been anle to reach to this level and we find it imperative to help younger businesses to scale and reach greater heights.

How we plan to achieve this

We have curated the right combination of platforms to speed, success and scalability of every local business through our online ordering, delivery, and customer engagement platform.

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