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Launching the Tookan Facebook Chatbot – Fugu Partnership

By Manisha Rawat 18th May 2016


We have been hearing alot about chat bots since start of this year. So what exactly is a chatbot? Bot is a simple artificial intelligence(AI) system that humans can interact with via text. It could be a straightforward interactions like asking a chatbot to give you an information about the stock exchange or making them perform a task on your behalf like placing an order. Recently, Facebook unveiled AI bots integration with its popular app, Facebook Messenger. This move will enable its million users to interact and transact with different businesses.

Fugu Chatbots – Revolutionizing Brand & Customer Interaction

Fugu Chatbots are changing the way brands interact with customers, at lightening speed. Fugu has developed technology that can power these chatbots on any of the platforms including Facebook, Slack, Telegram among others. Their chatbots are designed for learning consumer behaviour over time and provide a truly personalized experience.

Tookan – Simplifying Deliveries

Tookan is a fully managed software-as-a-service platform that empowers businesses involving delivery, off-site service and field personnel, to manage and track their field workforce in real time. A Powerful algorithms automate most of your operational tasks, giving you time to do what you do best – look after your customers and grow your business.

Tookan + Fugu chatbot

The integration of Tookan and Fugu Chatbot has disrupted long-established business ways and opened new horizons of possibilities for the business world. Many factors are responsible for this wave of bots today. With larger user base, these messenger apps are getting a lot of attention from various businesses and that is where chatbots come into picture. One of the major reason is that people are just simply tired of downloading various apps on their phones for different needs. Downloading apps is proving to be a pain as it takes too much space on your phone and affects battery life big time!


This seamless integration saves you time while ensuring that your customers are always aware of the delivery status. Your end customers can place orders or book appointments via Fugu Chatbot, order information will automatically be pushed to Tookan and gets auto-assigned to the delivery agent.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience

This partnership has dramatically transformed the way people place order and book services. Customers don’t need to download any app, fill sign up forms or wait in the queue to order. It’s very convenient and least time consuming way of ordering. They just need to open the messenger and text their order to the ‘AI assistant’. That’s It.

How does it work for people and businesses? Don’t worry, I have got you covered up. Let’s take an example: Bob is a restaurant owner and deals in meal deliveries. He is using Tookan for delivery management with Fugu Chatbot to receive orders from customers.

A customer, John, wants to places an order with Bob for delivery. Fugu Chatbot asks for his order. John texts his order.

Next it asks for the location where the order needs to get delivered. He gets the order confirmation and an option to pay.

John can check the status of the order with Fugu Chatbot.

Tookan will fetch the order details instantly and will automatically create the order. The order gets auto-assigned to a delivery boy with time and location details of the delivery.

johnTookan will send SMS and an email to John about the delivery status. A live tracking link is also sent to him when the delivery boy starts.

Empowering Businesses

Tookan and Fugu Chatbot together, are reforming the order management for businesses. As per, BI Intelligence’s latest research, approx. 3 billion users are active on top four messaging apps, which is way more than the users active on top four social networking apps. It’s a huge business opportunity for anyone ready to dive in headfirst into the future and provide customers an exceptional experience.
The business doesn’t need to invest in developing an app for customers to place orders.
No stress on number of downloads and can easily reach out to a huge base of customers already active on the facebook or any other messenger app.

This collaboration has automated the order and delivery management for businesses. It allows businesses to create task, update task and get task status via text. The task creation and assignment is automatically done by the Tookan.

So, Let’s see how it works for Bob, the restaurant owner!

Bob opens the messenger to perform a task.

Bob wants to check the status of the order placed by John. Fugu asks for the Order Id. Bob enters the detail and gets order detail with the tracking link.

Bob also has an option to create orders manually using Tookan dashboard. Tookan and Fugu bot together enables him to create tasks via text.

Bob can also update the task status as and when required just by texting his AI personal assistant.

Tookan and Fugu Chatbot Duo, is the future of engagement between brands and their customers. It is redefining how businesses sell products and services. So, Don’t wait! Just hop on the bandwagon!

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