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Employee travel made easy! Corporate Travel Management Solution

By Madhura Yale 9th January 2018

Travel Management solutions are on the cusp of transformation. The traditional manual processes which were widely followed are now giving way to technology-driven automated processes. With the widespread adoption of smartphones, the new generation workforce is getting used to planning travel over a mobile phone. This calls for travel desk teams to adapt quickly to the changing behavior of employees. This also calls for new technology solutions and opens up an opportunity for cab service providers to aggregate small vendors and provide corporate taxi solution.

There are a lot of cab management services that can help you manage travel requirements but here are a few parameters that a corporate company should look for their travel management solutions.

  • Availability: Continuous supply of cabs especially at peak hours and at odd hours specifically
  • Flexibility: A solution that allows travel desk and employees to manage their travel easily
  • Automation: A digitized solution for routing, booking, assigning route, notification, invoices.
  • Transparency: Ease of drilling down to each ride with data points on Pick and drop location, ride distance, alert mechanism, verified drivers.

Employee experience: This includes an easy booking experience and great quality service.

How can Tookan help?

The Employee Travel Management Solution functions from a centralized dashboard that helps monitor the performance, status, and real-time location of every vehicle. The data derived from each vehicle — in terms of its position, occupants, route, traffic, and even vehicle condition — provides valuable insights in taking timely decisions. A cognitive, in-memory system helps plan routes and employee pickup schedules efficiently.

Let us check out some features of this solution and the benefits they bring to organization

  1. Live Tracking/Dashboard: One of the primary concerns of a shift-type work format is in protecting the safety of the employees while traveling. It comes with the most sophisticated dashboard that effectively tracks both the vehicle status and events during the commute. The stream of real-time data is presented in an intuitive and functional user interface, which helps in easy tracking of trip status such as late, on time, idle, route deviation, and status such as boarded & reached the destination.
  2. Efficient route planning: Transportation in corporations is unorganized with a supervisor allotting vehicles with a manual routing process defined few hours before the trip. These arbitrary ways of dedicating vehicles lead to underutilization, cost a ton of money, and increase travel time. Our Routing algorithm automates the entire process, allocating vehicles in the most optimum, efficient, and safest way possible.
  3. Employee App: It will be a great value-added offering, Companies can offer to their employees as it offers great convenience and safety to the employees. The user-friendly app offers a unique advantage as it enables the commuting employees to raise SOS alerts in panic situations via multiple modes. Before each pickup and drop, employees can also real time track the vehicles and view Driver/Vehicle details along with photos to board the correct cabs.
  4. Driver App: Helps admins to communicate with the driver effectively and is a great option in operations where vehicles change quite frequently. It enables the companies to eliminate paper trip sheets as the employee pick up/drop details can be sent via the app. Drivers can also communicate with the employee.
  5. Data Analytics: The extensive data collected can be utilized to generate precious reports from vehicle and driver logs and regular/periodic journey reports to speed and fuel consumption reports. It also presents the transport and management team with comprehensive and actionable data in both visual and report format. The big data generated by the application eliminates tons of manual labor hours which are otherwise expended in collating, reconciling and preparing reports.

Employee transport management solutions provided by Tookan is indeed one of the crucial differentiators that have the potential of streamlining one of the toughest day-to-day operational challenges of enterprises. This significant step in transforming employee transport management to a data-enabled system will go a long way in building employees’ confidence in the organization, ensuring their safety, and improving their overall productivity.

So, when are you making the move?

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