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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Delivery Driver Tracking App?

By Vishal Thakur 17th December 2021

Does your business need a real-time delivery tracker? Do you want to make your delivery efficient and successful? 

If yes, then you have come to the right place. 

Technology has led to the rise in the demands of online services. 

Now, people are more attracted to digital services than traditional brick-and-mortar. 

The ease and convenience of getting anything delivered to your doorstep is the major reason for its dominance over the market. 

To meet up such requirements, businesses are now much more involved in the delivery process. Making effective deliveries has been a motto of several companies these days. 

Thanks to the ‘Delivery driver tracking apps’ which have helped a lot of businesses to process hassle-free delivery, increasing the efficiency of the businesses. 

So, what is a ‘Delivery driver tracking app’? How is it helping the business to grow and what’s the cost of building? 

Want to discover? Let’s continue! 

Delivery Driver Tracking App

what is Delivery Driver Tracking App

The term simply describes itself. Delivery tracking app helps businesses to keep an eye on every delivery, enabling a smooth and functional service. 

The app also allows the customers to track their items. Along with this, it updates the customers with on-time notifications which helps them to be notified about each and every process of their product dispatch. 

The app also acts as a route planner, helping you to customize the optimum route for your delivery service for arranging your multiple deliveries. 

The app is fully paperless and inbound to give a real-time delivery performance. It consists of GPS tracking, on the app signature, instant delivery notifications, as well act as proof of delivery.

Well, increasing the demands for online products and services has ultimately led businesses to expand over online platforms by facilitating it with apps or official sites of the business. 

Many businesses have also set themself with a delivery driver tracking app to provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers. 

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Some of the major companies involved in the delivery process are food delivery services, e-commerce industries, etc. 

Are you also thinking of developing a driver tracking app for your business too? 

Well, you should. It’s high time to give your business to the next level by navigating each delivery to be a  successful one. 

Let’s look for the major benefits of developing a driver tracking app for your business. 

Benefits of Delivery Driver Tracking App 

benefits of Delivery Driver Tracking App
  • Real-time updates 

The app supports itself with a GPS tracking service, the app helps the owner or the admin panel to navigate the exact location of the delivery person. This helps to keep the regular updates over the feedback of your delivery. Gaining every activity of the delivery person will also help to cut down the cost and ensure seamless operation in your service. 

  • Good customer experience

The regularly updated information helps the business as well as the customers to track their items.  This will help you to build customer loyalty leading to a good customer experience as well as ensuring an effective delivery service. 

  • Improved communication

The updated regular information eliminates any kind of miscommunication. The real-time information helps the companies to update their customers regularly with the notification of their items to be delivered. This helps your customer to be informed about the delivery of the product and reduces the risk of lack of communication. 

  • Automated accountability of the delivered products. 

The tracking helps you to keep updated data on the product delivery. The app automatically changes the status of the product when it dispatches from the pick point, and provides on-time location updates and delivery of the product. This helps you to maintain the regular database of the product delivery. 

  • Increased efficiency 

Tracking apps help you to eliminate the gaps in fleet-to-business communication, updated location, and the status of the product.  It ensures a better delivery service for a good customer experience.  Hence, increasing your customer service ultimately helps to increase the efficiency of your business. 

  • Maintain the continuous flow

Eliminating the paperwork, phone call delivery update, and maintaining the bulk database of delivered products in one simple app helps the companies to increase their efficiency and maintain the continuous flow of delivery. The app helps companies to organize and keep a record of multiple deliveries at a time. 

  • Performance tracking of your fleet. 

The app also keeps an updated database of your fleet’s working status. It comprises the number of working hours, successful deliveries led by him/her, and pending orders he/ she possesses with them. Complete information on the working status will ultimately help you to recognize the potential of your delivery members. 

  • Improved maintenance of the vehicle. 

The tracking also helps in the maintenance of your vehicle. It involves regularly updated distance covered by the drivers, which helps you to determine the duration of maintenance on time to avoid any mechanical issues. Regular maintenance also helps you avoid any on-road vehicle issues and hence leads to smooth delivery. 

  • Environment friendly

Being digital eliminates the paperwork. The records of the data are automatically updated on its database. The digital proof of delivery avoids any paper receipts or bills. Well, cutting down the need for paper contributes to the green environment. 

Before we hop to its cost to create, you must know the important components, which should be in your delivery tracker app. 

Components of Delivery Driver Tracking App 

Components of Delivery Driver Tracking App
  • GPS tracking 

The common and most important element required in the tracker app is GPS tracking. 

  • Simplex dashboard 

Maintaining simplicity in the dashboard will help you to easily determine the data and analyze the delivery. 

  • Pick-point detail

The app must comprise updated pick-point details of the product, to avoid any miscommunication or lack of information about the product dispatch. This will also help your drivers to easily navigate on the pre-hand and lead to effective delivery. 

  • Notified with drivers action

The regular notification of driver movement helps to keep an eye over it. This will help you to eliminate any irregularity in the work. 

  • Updated delivery address

As per the updated pick point details, the app must also consist of an updated delivery address to maintain the smooth flow of delivery. 

  • Multi-language supporter

The app must be versed with multiple languages which will help your drivers to gather information in the language in which they are comfortable. This will increase the confidence of your driver and your efficiency too. 

  • On-glass signature

The app must be able to collect the digital signature of the customers as proof of delivery. This will help to act as a maintained database of the proof of delivery. 

  • Ratings and reviews 

The app should possess a review section. This will help you to generate the customer response as well as determine the performance of your fleet. 

Your app must have these main functions for the effective working of your business. At last but not least, we are up to determining the actual cost of the making of the app. 

The driver tracking app approximately costs around 6000-9000 USD– and it again depends on the number of customizations you need in an app. The features of the tracking app can be more functioned as per the needs of the businesses. 

A larger organization requires fully customized components. 

A few of them could be proof of delivery, updated time status of the delivered product, notifications for the break of your driver, low battery notification, etc. 


Tookan specializes in creating a delivery driver tracking app. We have provided numerous tracking apps to the business to smoothen their delivery process and increase their productivity. 

Determined to develop the best tracking app to keep you updated with every single piece of information, Tookan focuses on delivering the best customer experience to its customers. 

We understand that customers are the essence of the business and we help you in reaching up to their expectations with our best services. 

So, if you’re looking for developing or creating ideas for a driver tracking app, we can help you with the best. Do feel free to reach us. 

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