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Route planning made easy. Optimize your resource planning by
delivering the fastest and shortest route possible


  • Features Mappr Dynamic Route Modification Adjust routes for last minute orders, available vehicles or replan stop sequence automatically.
  • Features Mappr Vehicle-Based Optimization Bikes or cars, map a route and optimize your fleet based on vehicle type taking into account its volume, speed & fuel efficiency.
  • Features Mappr Interactive Dashboard Switch between map & list views. Play around with drag & drop feature as desired, till you find your perfect configuration.
  • Features Mappr Analytics & Reports Concise reports automatically generated from route data to further help you take control of your business.
  • Features Mappr One-Click Route Sharing Hassle-free and optimized route plan sharing on a single click through CSV export, SMS, weblink or email attachments.
  • Features Mappr API Integration Easily integrate one of our best API and use powerful algorithms to route any vehicle suited for your business.

Why Mappr?

Save Time and Money

Reduce unnecessary fuel usage and improve your cost and time efficiency with shorter routes in few simple steps, saving substantial costs to your business.

Advanced Route Settings

Plan and create routes in advance for hassle free and smooth task allocations. Do more work in lesser time by saving hours of manual planning.

Automatic Task Allocation

Get estimated agents as per the number of tasks and assign routes automatically for pickup and delivery, With Kanban View get start location, end location, number of stops, distance, and time for every vehicle.

Multi-Stop Route Planner

Create a single task for single pickup and multiple drop-offs. Plan and optimize your routes for speedy drop-offs with the help of delivery route planner app.

Save Time and Cost

Monitor and Manage Your Routes

Drag and drop stops to manually manage your route. Timely deliveries lead to customer satisfaction, which ensures that they would stick to the platform for long.

Check out how Mappr can be a solution for all of your problem



10,000 Routes optimized everyday
30% Logistics costs reduced
40% Shorter routes
25% Decrease in average delivery time

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