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Top advantages of launching a D2C Hyperlocal marketplace

By Abhishek Goel 29th July 2021

The companies are gradually shifting their focus from traditional business models to the D2C hyperlocal marketplace. The rise in the popularity of direct sales is attributed to the increasing demand for low-cost goods. 

The market size for direct sales is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2022. The growth of e-commerce and social media is driving the D2C industry. Companies are increasingly adopting this model due to its low-cost benefits. Direct sales allow companies to reach out directly to customers.

Direct-to-consumer companies have been on the rise as of late, and many of the top brands in the world have shifted to this model. Some of the most popular companies in the world are direct-to-consumer businesses. 

Companies like Wayfair, Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, Domino’s, and Subway have been thriving since their launch, dealing directly with consumers to interact with customers more easily than before. 

Advantages of moving to Direct-to-consumer (D2C)

Besides the obvious benefit of earning higher margins, there are other notable benefits of selling D2C –

  • To gain a deeper knowledge of the customers 
  • Expanded Market Reach
  • Increased control over brand, product, and reputation
  • Omnichannel commerce
To gain a deeper knowledge of the customers 

Manufacturers rarely connected with the people who bought their products before D2C hyperlocal came around. Through this model, brands can interact with the customers at every stage of their sales funnel. In addition to this, brands can communicate effectively even after the sale of the product. Hence, allowing the companies to have a better understanding of their target market.

Expanded Market Reach

With D2C, brands can mitigate the risks by allowing them to launch a new innovative product on a smaller scale. DTC brands can develop a specific product, test it within a very tight demographic, and then get their feedback. This enables large manufacturing firms to understand what their customers love and hate about the product so they can make the required adjustments where appropriate.

Increased control over brand, product, and reputation

D2C hyperlocal brands can have transparency with the customers but can even hold on to the reputation, brand image, and product. Companies maintain complete control over their brand from the moment a customer makes their initial engagement right up until the product has been purchased.

Omnichannel commerce

Another benefit of selling direct-to-consumer is the potential of omnichannel delivery. A headless commerce platform can be used by brands to set up their online store. Customers will be able to browse and purchase across multiple channels and choose from a variety of delivery options as a result of this.

Importance of launching a hyperlocal marketplace

The hyperlocal marketplace is a marketplace that caters to the demands of a small geographic area. Going hyperlocal is the last thing you’ll say no to in 2020-21. The near-me hyperlocal business appears to be both cost-effective and convenient. The geo-location facility, on-time delivery, safety, and convenience are all crucial components in the hyperlocal marketplace’s success. 

We are aware of the situation and are experiencing difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Life is finally getting back on track, and the demand for home delivery is increasing. In a matter of minutes, hyperlocal marketplace enterprises provide home delivery services in the nearby region or zones.

It is widely popular since it connects customers with sellers who are located near them. It interprets the customer’s desire to be well served. Within a few hours, they have their product or service ordered.

Satisfaction comes with minimal work and expense. On the other hand, merchants find it quite simple to cater to and deliver a consumer who lives close by. Merchants are aware of their customers’ aesthetic preferences and can tailor their business models accordingly. At the end of the day, both the aggregator and the merchant save money, making this a win-win strategy for both.

Hence, Hyperlocal marketplaces are an excellent way to broaden your reach inside a small geographic area. You can work with local shop owners and small e-commerce companies to make things more accessible to your target market.

Recent trends in the hyperlocal space

As we all are aware of some major industries dominating the hyperlocal space like food and grocery delivery, hospitality services, logistics, healthcare services, and more. Brands in this space have introduced some innovative ways to market their products and services. 

Tagging up with innovation has become ideal as the young entrepreneurs entering the market are always bringing something new to the table. For instance, in grocery delivery, there’s been an introduction of the 15-minute grocery delivery service.

A company offering 15-minute delivery rather than two-hour or next-day service could attract significant attention from shoppers looking to make fill-in trips online. Companies like Weezy, Fridge No More, Jokr have been advertising themselves as the 15-minute grocery delivery business.

The micro fulfillment centers have made it possible for these companies to come closer to the consumers and delivery faster and more efficiently.

How to build your Dierct-to-consumer stack or a hyperlocal marketplace

The demand for streamlining your digital with a powerful platform that facilitates direct-to-consumer sales has been increased lately. So why fall behind, have your D2C hyperlocal marketplace today and step in the game with your innovative ideas and drive the shift in the industry.

With Yelo, allow your brand to reach out to the customer with a more personalized touch. The platform offers detailed features like managing multiple branches, geo-fencing & location tracking, and improved brand visibility. Go D2C with Yelo and add a new distribution channel for your brand.


Not just that, Yelo can even assist in leveraging a business with a hyperlocal marketplace platform with a focus on the right target audience and ensuring on-time delivery. 

Hyperlocal Marketplace

Now, since traditional commerce is going out of business because of its limitations to develop and customize, headless commerce has emerged as the need for young businesses today. 

Yelo Headless Commerce

With Yelo, you can now scale your business with a focus on an event-driven platform, where you can build your front-end with limitless customization.

Benefits offered by Yelo

Enhanced Customer Experience

Yelo provides a mobile-friendly website as well as specific Android and iOS apps for your marketplace to improve the client experience.

Bots and live chat are available to assist your suppliers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can track the end user’s position and present their products depending on it thanks to geofencing.

In the marketplace, end users can search by keywords, dates, and categories. They have the option of sorting by price, name, and rating.

You’ll also get access to a thorough rating and review system for keeping track of what customers have to say about the product.

You can make your marketplace look premium and world-class with a variety of free themes.

Improved Operations

Your merchants will be able to quickly fulfill orders, manage inventory, and update their store using Yelo’s merchant apps.

To ensure that the product is delivered on time, Yelo offers real-time tracking and the ability to control routes and schedules all in one spot.

In a flash, you can manage your meta-tags, visible sitemap, and robots.txt files.

We will regularly check your websites to ensure that there are no outages in the hosting.

No limits will be placed on the number of users, traffic, listings, or images.

Better Security

Yelo provided you with a marketplace where you may choose your merchants solely by invitation to make your marketplace a safe environment for end-users.

We will also provide you with an SSL certificate to protect your information and client data.


It is the right time for you to step into the game and have your hyperlocal marketplace where you can go direct-to-consumer for a more personalized buying experience for the customers.

We understand the importance of money and want to provide consumers with a free taste of our great services. As a result, we’re providing a 14-day free trial pack to all of our clients. Click here to sign up for a 14-day trial pack.

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