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How to Get Affordable Legal Advice by Sitting at Your Home?

By Radhika Jain 30th June 2020

Are you stuck in a lawsuit, and can’t figure a way out? Relax. Everyone gets involved in a legal case now or then, but the way out is easy once you get yourself the right legal guidance. 

While the world has taken its shift online, Buddy provides an online consultation application for you to connect with the leading lawyers in India. It is a gateway for you to get your hands on expert legal advice at the comfort of your home. 

Why is it important to seek legal advice? 

Living in a country with numerous laws, it is hard to keep track of all of them. If you find yourself in a complicated situation, it is always better to consult a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Here are some benefits you should avail by getting online legal help

  • Learn your rights

There are various clauses in the law that are unknown to average men. The lawyers have a good understanding of them, so they can help us know our rights.

  • Ease your situation 

Legal cases may stress you out if you fail to understand the circumstances or overthink the results. Getting yourself expert opinion will give you peace of mind and hence ease the tense situation. 

  • Get your case handled properly

It is better not to discuss your legal crisis with any or everyone until you are sure that they will support you. Information leaks are a huge risk. Rather than getting opinions by friends and family, it is advisable to contact a lawyer and get your case and information handled with care. 

How can Buddy assist you? 

Buddy is an online platform for you to explore and choose an expert lawyer just according to the nature of your case. They are not only easily accessible but also easy on the pocket. 

From estate planning lawyer to an immigration lawyer, you can find all at just a click. 

Here’s a list of some of the lawyers you can find on Buddy from a range of over 20+ lawyers available 24/7 to assist you at reasonable rates

  1. Criminal lawyer
  2. Bankruptcy lawyer
  3. Tax lawyer
  4. Personal injury lawyer
  5. Family lawyer 

What sets Buddy apart? 

Wondering why to choose Buddy for getting your online legal consultant? Read along to find out how beneficial Buddy can be for you! 

Buddy has an extraordinary feature of replying instantly to your queries anytime, anywhere. It helps you connect to your chosen expert without any hassle with the ease of both, a  mobile application and a website dashboard. 

Are you thinking of the costs of contacting these experts? Worry not as they are very affordable and you don’t have to pay for any time you don’t avail. With its per-minute charges, you save a lot of money that the other competitors charge with their hourly rates.

The payments can be made online, reducing the wastage of your valuable time.  

Buddy ensures safe and transparent conversations with special care of your private information. 

How can you reach your Buddy? 

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Just click here to sign up with just your phone number and select the lawyer you wish to consult with. Or you can just drop your email, and they could get back to you in no time.

You can choose the way of communicating yourself as per your preference; chats, audio calls, or video calling. With a 24 hour availability, you can reach out to them anytime anywhere. 

Buddy aims to provide you assistance in the simplest way possible. With their experienced consultants and user-friendly application, it’s a treat for you in difficult times. 

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