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Diet Buddy – Adding Health Quotient with its Diet Plans | Powered by Panther

By Saloni Kackar 1st April 2021

“Consultants must find a niche and stick to it. If you can’t find one, create one.”

And that is what we do. We help businesses launch their own online consultation marketplace. With Panther, you can create your consultation marketplace in no time. But many businesses would promise you the same, won’t they? 

We understand your concern. Therefore, to let you know that we practice what we preach here is a case study of one of our successful clients. 

Brief Overview of Our Client Diet Buddy

Diet Buddy is a renowned online consultation platform where you can instantly consult a specialized dietician. The platform acts as a virtual consultation clinic from the industry’s experts. Since its launch, diet buddy is known to offer an affordable and reliable set of diet consultations to its users. 

Throwback to the times when Diet Buddy was launched, a couple of operational difficulties were faced. Let us look at those challenges and get insights into how Diet Buddy made it possible to be one of the customer-preferred platforms in the market. 

Top Challenges Faced by Diet Buddy

Here is the list of challenges that took a toll on the operational setup of the platform.

Disrupted communication 

In the healthcare industry, communication between the patient and the consultant matters the most. Diet Buddy is an end-to-end online dietician consultation platform where the experts make regular diet-related consultations. However, Diet Buddy consultants struggle a big time to establish strong virtual communication with their patients. 

Missed Follow-ups

Another in the list was the trouble of facing missed follow-ups. As a diet consultancy platform, they need to keep regular in touch with their clients. However, before Panther came into the scenario, the average of missed follow-ups was relatively high. This was one of the major concerns to their consultancy business sustainability.

Trouble in adding diet plan 

Once the consultation is over, the consultant might need to add relevant documents or diet plans to the patient profile. This is a systematic approach that should be followed for any consultancy business to overgrow. However, Diet Buddy was missing this. This major loophole created a vicious circle to invest more time and energy in the consultants after every successful consultancy. 

Fewer Clients 

The missing touchpoints in their consultancy platform make them vulnerable to face the consequences. Fewer clients and lesser engagement of patients were another big concern for them. It directly impacts the growth graph of their business. 

These were initial level challenges that Diet Buddy addressed while narrowing down a platform to begin. Soon after, Panther came into the picture to scale up the processes of Diet Buddy.

The Solution We Delivered

After analyzing all their needs, we proposed a solution that would enable them to approach a systematic way, which made it possible for their business to grow and scale. 

Our initial strategy for developing their platform started with wireframes that consisted of a transformed communication system to organize the app flow.

Here is the list of solutions from our end with the results:

Multilevel Communication

To avoid any disruption in communication, Panther offers different modes of communication. Furthermore, in a consultancy business, the approach to establish strong communication with the client matters the most. Panther made it possible for the registered dietitians at Diet Buddy to keep healthy communication with their patients through video, audio, or text consultation. 

How did it help?

Patients were now able to select the mode of communication they wished to establish with their consultants. This open communication helped in earning the satisfaction vote of the patients towards the services. It also helped in nurturing the consultant-patient relationship for good. And soon, the patient engagement and retention ratios improved. 

Automated appointment scheduling

With Panther, a consultant and a patient can easily automate the appointment as per the requirements. Moreover, both parties can check for the time slot availability and can schedule the appointment accordingly. This automated process became an instant hit among the consultants as well as the patients. 

How did it help?

This helped the consultants and patients to get an automated reminder for upcoming appointments. With time, it was noticed that the ratio of missed appointments and follow-ups gradually decreased. The enhanced engagement and satisfaction of patients helped the business to unfold the new milestones of success. 

Easy uploading of consultation forms

To ensure that there is minimal paperwork required on the digital platform, Panther comes with a distinctive feature of adding an instant consultation document/ diet plan or any other relevant document as per the requirement. This could be done simply after completing the consultation. The process to add the documents can be completed with a few simple steps. 

How did it help?

This made it super easy for the consultants to carry out their consultation with relevant documents. It also helped in getting the advantage of conducting patient profiling. The consultant and patient can easily access the documents at any time of the hour. It resulted in a better understanding of the follow-ups and sorting the process segment-wise. 

Outreaching potential market 

Panther comes with all the essential features that can make your business a super hit among your target market. Diet Buddy becomes vulnerable to few leads because of the missing touchpoints(as discussed above). However, after switching to Panther, it became convenient for Diet Buddy to outreach the potential market. Pitching the target segment of the audience becomes convenient. 

How did it help?

Our client saw a considerable difference in the traffic they used to get earlier. It helped in bringing the 2x revenue to the platform. With prompt outreach, it became easy to scale up the ROI for the business. 

One of their long-time professional dietitians recently left feedback regarding the change in the platform. And how it has helped to establish strong communication with the client experience.

Diet Buddy

Dt. Namita Quotes

Diet Buddy


A platform like Panther can fuel up your online consultancy business to its true potential. Diet Buddy is a go-to platform to seek professional guidance from the industry’s experts. Scaling up the online presence via a power-packed platform like Panther doubles the growth with better and broader revenue. 

If you have a consultancy business that needs to explore its potential, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Diet Buddy is the one program you need to accompany you on your way to your dream weight. Its easy, well-balanced handling feels intuitive to users of any age, making it the right choice for anyone. Now it is easy to get in great shape fast. See for yourself – for free. Download the App Now!

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