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Now make your administrative tasks as a piece of cake with fugu

By Lakshmoji Reddy 11th October 2019

The HR department needs to evaluate the performance of each and every employee in the organization. But the employee rate was increasing day by day. So, considering every person and continuously tracking is challenging for the HR department. Along with evaluating the performance of work, HR also needs to deal with employee’s attendance, payslips and also recruiting employees is very difficult, because the whole organization is driven by them.

With all these challenges Administrative jobs became strenuous than running the Business right?

How to overcome all these challenges?

All these challenges are overcome by an efficient HR collaboration tool. You can use separate software only for this purpose, but again using multiple software for one organization is difficult. When you get this tool along with the team chats application then it is more useful in increasing the company’s productivity.

Fugu is one such collaboration tool that boosts productivity. In fugu, this tool is integrated as one of the Bots. With this integrated tool, you can easily perform the following tasks.

Attendance Management

 Nowadays most of the organizations use a Biometric and ID card system to record their employee’s presence. But there is a lot of chances of missing attendance, due to technical issues or the person may forget his/her ID card. For this problem fugu brings you an excellent solution i.e, HRM Attendance Bot with this Bot employees can easily mark their attendance with simple ‘in’ and ‘out’ command. The bot takes attendance based on facial recognization and geofencing. Bot not only helps the employees, but it also helps the HR department to maintain a record of employee’s attendance.

Not only that but employees can also view the number of hours they have worked for a day by a simple command ‘timesheet’ and with the ‘report’ command employee can download report of the entire month. The whole data, like when the employee clocked in and clocked out was sent to the manager by this HRM Attendance Bot.

Leave Management

A simple question “what is my leave balance?” is extremely time-consuming for the manager. Requesting leave through E-mails is very slow and time taking, every time the manager has to check his mails. Say good-bye to emails and replace this process with the HRM Attendance bot where employees can request leave from any place and any time and also the employee can track his leaves easily.

Recruitment process

Recruitment is one of the crucial processes for every company. Every company wants to hire a good person for a job. HR has to analyze each and every person that he recruits. However, all these decisions are taken by multiple people from the department head and HR team. For this process fugu has an integrated application called HRM Software that helps in tracking employee’s life cycle from recruitment to performance management. This software gives entire information to HR. This application makes the HR team more efficient.


There are many issues with payment because of incorrect working hours calculation. Better use automated calculator rather than making manually because there may be a human mistake in the manual process, but there is no such issue with machines and also efficient. Fugu offers the same thing that you are looking for. Fugu with this integrated Bot ease the cash flow problems and ensure long term validity. 

Fugu not only empowers employees but also your business with all these advanced features. Say vale to traditional methods and move forward with us. Start your 30-days free trial now. To know more about Fugu contact us.

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