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Get inspired by this local entrepreneur who wanted to be his own boss.

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Meet Pulkit Prasad, a local entrepreneur from a small town in U.P., India. He runs a family business started by his father way back in 1991.

Then, a local canteen, has today, turned into 3 restaurants and a successful online business.

Pulkit Prasad is a software engineer and after two years of job, he decided to shift to his business in 2011.

His food business goes by the name of USB Foods i.e. United Snacks Bar.

My father was the first one in the whole of India to start our unique dish i.e. Pyaz ka Samosa. It is our most-selling and whenever a new restaurant opens in Mathura, it is a must on their menu.

With Covid coming into the picture, Pulkit started selling online through platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.

He was getting around 200 orders per day. But, massive commissions, increased prices and loss of reputation was bothering him.

He quips, "I wanted both, profits and priority. Hence, I decided to sell online on my own."

Pulkit started selling online with Yelo. It offers a digital storefront wherein very easily one can list their products and start selling in no time.

"With Yelo, I have been getting many new customers. I will be shifting completely to my online store soon. I am sure of the success."

That is what we call success of your own.

“Third-party aggregators keep us on second priority, I don't like that. Hence, I decided to sell online on my own.”
Pulkit Prasad Restaurant Owner

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