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    • What are banners?

      Banners are a way to highlight what you are selling and advertise particular businesses/products on your marketplace.

    • Where do they show on the website?

      Banners show up on the main marketplace page where all the merchants are listed. There is also an option to upload an individual banner image for the marketplace which will show on the merchant landing page if the merchant hasn’t uploaded their own banner image.

    • What should be the size of a banner?

      The recommended size for the banner is 1920*240px.

    • Header Color

      Choose a header color for your website and along with it, also choose the color of the header elements like Login button, Notifications icon, back icon, language selector etc.

    • Tagline

      The tagline is the unique representation of your website landing page. You can enter your unique slogan or catchphrase for your website/ business from there. It should be of 60 characters max.

    • Headline

      In Freelancer, marketplace Headline is customizable text which is provided on the home page as heading before category listing. You can enter the maximum of 60 characters for Headline.

    • Category headline

      In Freelancer marketplace whenever the user selects a category which has further subcategories. The user is redirected to a page where he/she can see category Headline with all subcategories of the selected category. You can enter a maximum of 60 characters for Category Headline.

    • Category subheadline:

      In Freelancer marketplace whenever a user selects a category which has further subcategories. The user is redirected to a page where he/she can see category Sub Headline with all subcategories of the selected category. You can enter a maximum of 60 characters for Category

  • Loader Image
    • What is a loader image?

      Loader image is shown while loading your web app for better user experience.

    • What type of image files can be set as a loader image?

      You can Upload .jpg file extension images as your loader image.

    • From where to upload loader image for the marketplace?

      You can open sidebar & choose Design option under Marketplace heading and upload your loader image.

  • Theme
    • Theme Settings

      Theme settings are the panel where you can customize your theme-specific content. For example, you can customize footer, landing page etc from this panel as per your theme.

    • Header

      In this, header background color and font color is customizable. Admin can change these variables as per their taste.

    • Footer

      Footer customizations are available in the section ‘theme settings’. Here you can add text, social links, copyright text, columns, colors etc as per what the theme offers.

  • Terminology
    • You can change the default terminologies used in your marketplace according to your needs. You can also select the language you want to display.

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