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Manage all your setting related to the delivery of your orders from here. As Yelo is seamlessly integrated with Tookan some of these settings are specific to Tookan.


Delivery modes

In the hyperlocal product marketplaces like Food, Grocery, a customer can either ask for an order to be delivered to his/her address or place an order for self-pickup. From this setting, the admin can decide the delivery modes that the marketplace supports. If a particular delivery mode is enabled, each merchant can further decide if their particular store supports that delivery mode (That can be configured from merchant’s own configurations).

If Tookan integration is enabled, for every order of type home delivery, a P&D task is created on Tookan. For self-pickup orders, no tasks are created on Tookan as there is no role of a delivery agent in this case. You can enable delivery modes here.

Home>Marketplace>Delivery>Delivery modes

Note that ‘Self-Pickup’ & ‘Delivery’ are configurable terms and can be edited from the terminology settings.

Flow on Tookan

You can decide whether the flow of pickup and delivery be from Merchant to Customer or Customer to Merchant. The former is preferred in most cases.

Home>Marketplace>Delivery>Delivery flow on Tookan

Delivery Time

If a customer places an order to be delivered at 2:00 pm, how long before that would you schedule the pickup task? Manage this duration from this setting.

Default Delivery Manager

This is enabled only when you enable the extension – ‘Merchant Delivery Management by TOOKAN’. This is a default setting which applies to all merchants – it decides whether the merchant does their delivery or is it managed by you. You can override this setting for any particular merchant from their configurations.

Static address

If you serve at only specific exact addresses, enable this option and add those addresses. During checkout, a customer will select one among those addresses.


Allow customers to give tip for your delivery agents. You can set a minimum tip and also give some options as a suggestion for the user to pick. E.g. 5%, 10% tip or $5, $10 tip.


Delivery Yelo

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