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Delivery management setup

How to set delivery mode at admin level?

Go to admin dashboard → go to Marketplace → go to Checkout → Delivery Modes.

How to set the delivery mode of the merchant from the admin dashboard?

Go to merchants → click on merchant id → then go to configuration → now you can set Delivery Mode. (if both modes are on at admin level.)

How to set static delivery charges at the admin level?

Go to admin dashboard → then go to Marketplace → then go to Finance → now you can set/edit delivery charge.

How to set dynamic delivery charges (distance wise) at admin level?

Go to tookan dashboard and on task earnings & pricing toggle and set formula for delivery charges in the template. Now you are able to on Distance wise delivery charges from extensions at yelo dashboard.

How to allow the stores to manage their delivery operations?

Go to tookan dashboard and turn on Merchant Module for Marketplace toggle. Now you are able to on Merchant Delivery Management by TOOKAN  from extensions at yelo dashboard.

Can admin allow his merchants to deliver their orders?

If  Merchant Delivery Management by TOOKAN is enabled at admin yelo dashboard then admin can set delivery manager for a merchant otherwise admin will deliver orders for all his merchants.

How can the admin set delivery manager (admin/merchant) for each merchant?

Go to hosts/merchants> host id> configuration. Now you can set a delivery manager

How can the admin set different delivery charges for each merchant?

If task earnings & pricing and merchant module for marketplace toggles are enabled on tookan dashboard and  Distance wise delivery and Merchant Delivery Management by TOOKAN toggle enable on yelo dashboard then admin can set different templates for each merchant.

When can a merchant set delivery mode?

Merchant can choose his delivery mode only if more than one delivery modes are enabled on the admin dashboard otherwise the merchant’s delivery mode will be considered according to admin’s delivery mode.

When can a merchant set delivery charges?

Merchant can set his distance wise or fixed delivery charges only if admin permits him to deliver the orders.

How the status of orders vary?

Every accepted order send to the Tookan for delivery. Then tookan agent is assigned for every order. As soon as tookan agent assigned to order, order dispatched and order delivered by agent order status change accordingly on yelo dashboard.

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