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Understanding customer

  • The customer is the end user purchasing product(s)/service(s) from your marketplace/platform. Yelo targets a wide range of customers that would like to purchase/buy –
    • Food
    • Laundry
    • Groceries
    • Cannabis
    • Rentals
    • Beauty
    • Pharmacies and many more
  • What are the various platform offered for customers to interact with your marketplace/platform?

Web app and mobile apps(both Android and iOS).

  • Does yelo provide the ability to get additional information from customer suited for only a particular marketplace?

Yes, yelo provide the ability to get additional information from the customer. In the marketplace/admin panel, there is provision to setup signup template that you can set specifically for customers engaging with your platform.

Manage customers
  • Find customers from admin dashboard

Click on the side menu of the admin dashboard and click on customers. The list of customers enrolled on the platform will appear.

On the side menu of the admin dashboard, Click on customers. The list of customers enrolled on the platform will appear.


  • Checking customer’s information. Can we edit the same?

Once navigated to customers page, click on the particular customer ID. It will show customer’s ID, name, email ID, phone number address and registration date.

Yes, customer’s information is editable. For this, click on the three dots at the right side and click on edit. You can edit the name, number, email ID and address fields.

  • Blocking a customer

A customer can be blocked by the admin by referring to the side menu and click on customers. Click on three dots present at the right side for the specific customer and click on block.

  • Bulk import of customer information

Customers information can be bulk imported. Refer to customer section from admin dashboard and the option to bulk import and export the customer is present on the right side.

Customer sign up
  • How customer sign up can be managed by the admin?

For this, refer to the side menu and click on marketplace > Customer sign up. The required fields can be managed by the admin for customer sign up.

  • Custom fields for signs ups

The admin can decide if the information fields are mandatory or optional during signup. Eg: email ID, phone number

  • Can verification of the customer be done?

Yes, you can verify the customer using OTP and email verification.

If OTP verification is enabled, one has to have a Twilio and Plivo account using which OTP will be sent to the customer.

For email verification, enable the toggle for email verification by referring to customers set up in the side menu. Enabling this, a verification link will be sent to the customer on their email.

Signup Template

The sign-up template is basically used to collect any additional information from a customer apart from the basic information. You can ask their address or any other information suitable to your product and can be defined in terms of numbers, text, email, dates etc. You can access the signup templates following the below steps.

Click on side menu > design > customer/guest set up > configure > customers.

Login with Social Media

You can allow the customer to log in via Facebook, Instagram or Google.

How do I set up a login with Social media?

For this, click on side menu > Marketplace > Customer setup. In Marketplace click on Configure > Customer. Enable the toggle of Login with Facebook and enter FACEBOOK APP ID and submit.

Same steps have to be followed to set up login through Instagram and in case of Google Login, add GOOGLE APP CLIENT ID.

Please note you need to have a Facebook developer, Instagram developer, and Google Developer account for the same.

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