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You can now configure general settings, admin and customer notifications, customer, merchants and business categories in this section.

  • General
    • API Keys: Application programming interface key can be integrated with the YELO application for Android, IOS, Web-app, and dashboard.
      Go to Home>Marketplace>Configure>General>API keys
    • Time zone: You can set up the operating time zone with respect to the country you operate from.
      Go to Home>Marketplace>Configure>General>Timezone
    • Distance-Unit: Select the distance unit according to your convenience. Choose from miles or KM.
      Go to Home>Marketplace>Configure>General>Distance Unit

  • Notifications: The email and dashboard notification templates can be edited based on your requirement.
    Go to Home>Marketplace>Configure>Notifications

    • Admin/Merchant Notifications: You can enable notification for the order placed, new signup and order reminder via email.
    • Customer Notification: You can enable customer notification via Email for the order placed, accepted, dispatched, delivered, rejected, canceling and reminder fields
    • Some of the events for which you can configure customer notifications:
      • Order Placed
      • Order Accepted
      • Order Dispatched
      • Order Delivered
      • Order Rejected
      • Order Cancelled
      • Order Reminder
  • Customer
    • Sign Up: The sign-up module allows you to set-up customer signup fields. This would require customer verification through the mail or mobile number. Also, you can let the customer signup via social media signup like Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
      Go to
      Home>Marketplace>Configure>Customer.You can change the template by editing or adding more fields to it.
    • User Tags: User tags to the customer can be applied through the admin Dashboard depending upon the data insights captured by the responsible.
  • Merchants
    • The sign-up link is available for the merchants, which could also be changed with respect to the admin
  • Business Categories
    • We can make different business categories and add merchants to them.

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