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By jwork 16th April 2019

Each new user who signs up on your marketplace will receive a welcome email. The welcome email is a good way to welcome new users to your marketplace. You can for example take the opportunity to tell a bit about your marketplace and how it works.

How to edit the welcome email:

  • login your marketplace as an administrator,
  • go to the admin panel,
  • open the “Emails” tab,
  • click “Edit message” with the pencil icon at the top
  • add your text.
  • save by clicking the save icon in the upper left corner

The text is edited in the Mercury editor.

Keep in mind that different email providers can display your content a bit differently. Adding images or using the HTML editor should be done carefully.

The “First name” will be changed to the user’s first name when sent.

You can also send a test email to yourself by clicking the “Send test message” link to see how it looks.

The welcome email cannot be disabled.

Edit the welcome email on a multilingual marketplace

If you have a multilingual marketplace you can edit the welcome email for each language. To do this:

Switch to the language you wish to edit. Then click the “Edit message”.

Can users reply to this address?

Yes, anyone who receives an automatic email from your marketplace will be able to reply to it. Your users will sometimes try to contact you via this channel, so it’s a good idea to check it on a regular basis.

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