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How user review and ratings work

By jwork 16th April 2019

Trust between sellers and buyers is critical for the success of a marketplace. One way to build trust is to let users review and rating each other after a transaction. This is how trust is built with Tiger.

How to enable reviews in your marketplace

Reviews are enabled for all marketplaces. Users are prompted to rate and review the other party automatically after each paid transaction. It is currently not possible to disable reviews and ratings.

How do reviews work?

After a transaction is completed, both buyer and seller can review each other. A review consists of:

  • A positive or negative rating (thumbs up or down).
  • A free-form text comment.

Can users skip the feedback process?

Yes, users can choose not to review the other party. However, they can’t refuse a review from the other party after a completed transaction.

Where do reviews appear?

Reviews are visible to everyone on each user’s profile page. A seller’s rating (percentage of positive ratings and number of ratings) is also shown on each listing page.

As an admin you can also view the reviews in the “View reviews” section of your admin panel.

Can I enable reviews for free transactions?

Reviews are only available for paid transactions.

Is it possible to edit or delete reviews?

Yes, it is. Within the Reviews section of your admin panel, you can edit the feedback given by your users. You can decide to delete reviews and allow users to leave another one or block them to prevent them from leaving another one.

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