How to set someone as administrator in a marketplace, in detail?

jwork 16th April 2019

A few things to know first:

  • only an administrator can grant admin privileges to someone else,
  • the person who will be added as admin must have an active regular user account already (if the user doesn’t exist, you will not be able to set them as admin),
  • setting someone as administrator is effective immediately,
  • users are not notified so don’t forget to contact them to let them know.

To make a user an admin, in details, you should:

  • log in your marketplace with your own admin account,
  • go to your Admin panel,
  • go to the Manage users tab, from the left column in your Admin panel,
  • in the list, find the person you want to add as administrator,
  • click on the checkbox from the Admin column,
  • a quick notification Saving… then Saved will appear and the checkbox will be shown as selected,
  • that’s it! This user is now an administrator in your marketplace.
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