How to search transactions in your marketplace Transactions page

jwork 17th April 2019

How to search transactions in your marketplace admin panel

You should:

  • log in your marketplace with your administrator account
  • go to the Transactions tab
  • type your search criteria in the search bar: you can search by transaction title, or parties involved
  • select some specific status that you want to filter by. The available statuses are: Canceled, Completed, Free transaction, Paid, Preauthorized, Rejected
  • hit Search
  • That’s it! The list of transactions matching your criteria is now displayed

If there is a long list of transactions matching your search, you can switch to another page via the pagination buttons at the bottom.

How to view the full list of transactions in your marketplace

By default when you open the Transactions section, all transactions are displayed.

After a search, you can click the Show all button next to the Search button to display all Transactions again.

How to get more information about your transactions

If you want to know a bit more about your transactions, you can always export your transactions list to a CSV file and find more information.

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