How to post listings on behalf of another user

jwork 17th April 2019

As an admin you might want to help your providers create their first listings or offer extra service of posting on behalf of providers. In other marketplaces, the target providers could not be very technical and might need help creating listings.

How to access the “Post listing as” feature

You can access the “Post listing as” feature in two ways.

Via the shortcut in the Users table in your admin panel

  1. Log in to your marketplace with an admin account
  2. Go to the Users section in your admin panel
  3. Find the user you want to edit
  4. Click the plus sign icon on their row

Via the user profile

  1. Browse the user profile
  2. Click the “Post listing as” button in the “Admin actions” section

Posting a listing on behalf of a user

By clicking “Post listing as” in the user’s public profile, you will access exactly the same form to post a new listing as you would normally access from the “+ Post a new listing” button.

You will notice that there is a banner indicating the name of the user on whose behalf you are posting a listing.

When the listing is created this way, the author will be the user.

That’s it!

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