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How to edit meta tags

You can edit them from your admin panel:

  • Go to your admin panel
  • Go the the “SEO” tab
  • For each section, you can edit the default tags
  • Save
  • That’s it!

Right now, you can edit the meta tags for the:

  • homepage (or Custom Landing Page)
  • Search results page
  • Listing pages
  • Category pages
  • Profile pages

  • Why is there not “keywords” tag? Because it has been confirmed as useless for many years, from Google and other search engines. You should not use it unless you need it for something very specific.

    You can also use variables when writing your own tags: they will be replaced with the actual value, on each page:

    • {{marketplace_name}}: the marketplace name
    • {{marketplace_slogan}}: the marketplace slogan
    • {{marketplace_description}}: the marketplace description
    • {{keywords_searched}}: the keywords that were typed in the search field (if enabled/available)
    • {{location_searched}}: the location that was typed/selected in the location search field (if enabled/available)
    • {{listing_title}}: the listing title
    • {{listing_author}}: the listing title, according to the Display name preferences
    • {{listing_price}}: the listing price + pricing unit (for example “20€ per person”)
    • {{category_name}}: the category name
    • {{user_display_name}}: the user display name

    Not all variables are available for all pages, you can refer to the info text in the SEO section in your admin panel to learn more.

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