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How to create and edit listing fileds

By jwork 16th April 2019

Create and edit listing fields

To create new listing fields, you should:

  • log in your marketplace as an administrator,
  • go to the admin panel,
  • open the “User fields” tab,
  • choose a field type from the “Add new field” dropdown or edit an existing one,
  • configure it and save.

The field will be created immediately.

You can create different types of user fields:

  • Text: users can add some free text in this field.
  • Number: users can add some numeric value in this field, you can decide to allow decimals or not and setup a minimum and maximum value.
  • Dropdown: users can select one value from a list you defined.
  • Checkbox group: users can select one or more values from a list you defined.
  • Date: users can add a date via this field.

Make the field mandatory when signing up

You can select whether or not to make the field mandatory when new members sign up. If you make it mandatory, it will show in the signup form and users need to fill it out (or select at least one option) when signing up to the platform. If you add a field to the signup form after some users have already signed up, this field will become a mandatory field to fill for a user when trying to update their profile information.


Show it in the public profile

You can choose whether or not to show the information on the field in the public profile of the user. If you do, everyone that visits the user’s profile would be able to see the information that the user provided (they are warned about this when signing up). If you don’t this information will only be visible to you, as an admin, when downloading the CSV file from the Users section of you admin panel.

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