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How does the “Follow” feature work?

How to follow another user?

Following another user requires having an active account in the marketplace. It then only needs a few clicks:

  • log in with your account,
  • open the profile page of the user you want to follow,
  • under the profile picture, click the “Follow” button.

The button now says “Following”: that’s it!


How to unfollow another user?

You can easily stop to follow another user:

  • log in with your account,
  • open your profile page to view all the users you follow,
  • under the profile picture of the user you want to unfollow (or from their profile page), click the “Unfollow” button.

That’s it!


How to view the users I follow?

You can view all the users your follow from your profile page:

  • log in with your account,
  • from the top bar, click “Profile” in the dropdown under your name,
  • view the followed users from the section in your profile.

What are the notifications sent with the “Follow” feature?

Each time a user you follow posts a new listing, you’ll receive an email notification.

You can also disable those notifications from your user settings.

Users don’t receive a notification when someone starts to follow them.

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