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Currencies supported for the online payment provider in a Tiger marketplace

By jwork 17th April 2019

The payment provider(s) that you can enable in your marketplace will depend on the country and the currency that you want to use.

In a Tiger marketplace, you can potentially use one of these currencies with the online payment system:

  • Australian Dollar, AUD
  • Brazilian Real, BRL
  • British Pound, GBP
  • Canadian Dollar, CAD
  • Czech Koruna, CZK
  • Danish Krone, DKK
  • Euro, EUR
  • Hong Kong Dollar, HKD
  • Hungarian Forint, HUF
  • Indian Rupee, INR (only supported for marketplaces within India)
  • Israeli New Sheqel, ILS
  • Japanese Yen, JPY
  • Malaysian Ringgit, MYR
  • Mexican Peso, MXN
  • New Taiwan Dollar, TWD
  • New Zealand Dollar, NZD
  • Norwegian Krone, NOK
  • Philippine Peso, PHP
  • Polish Złoty, PLN
  • Russian Ruble, RUB
  • Singapore Dollar, SGD
  • Swedish Krona, SEK
  • Swiss Franc, CHF
  • Thai Baht, THB
  • United States Dollar, USD
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