Currencies supported for the online payment system in a Tiger marketplace

jwork 17th April 2019

The payment provider(s) that you can enable in your marketplace will depend on the country and the currency that you want to use.

In a Tiger marketplace, you can potentially use one of these currencies with the online payment system:

  • Australian Dollar, AUD
  • Brazilian Real, BRL
  • British Pound, GBP
  • Canadian Dollar, CAD
  • Czech Koruna, CZK
  • Danish Krone, DKK
  • Euro, EUR
  • Hong Kong Dollar, HKD
  • Hungarian Forint, HUF
  • Indian Rupee, INR (only supported for marketplaces within India)
  • Israeli New Sheqel, ILS
  • Japanese Yen, JPY
  • Malaysian Ringgit, MYR
  • Mexican Peso, MXN
  • New Taiwan Dollar, TWD
  • New Zealand Dollar, NZD
  • Norwegian Krone, NOK
  • Philippine Peso, PHP
  • Polish Złoty, PLN
  • Russian Ruble, RUB
  • Singapore Dollar, SGD
  • Swedish Krona, SEK
  • Swiss Franc, CHF
  • Thai Baht, THB
  • United States Dollar, USD
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