Why do we charge for extra orders?

Hyperlocal businesses start small, but few years down the line, they start getting more than a hundred orders a day with millions of users. We offer unlimited users & listings on your online platform, and we need to pay a substantial cost for Web servers. We need to increase our server bandwidth to ensure our clients don't lose out on any single order during traffic spikes.

Best in class customer support

We understand how difficult it is to run a business; hence, we provide the best customer support to our users. We invest heavily in customer support training and recruitment to ensure that all the queries are addressed in real-time.

Upgrades and Enhancement

We provide constant updates and enhancements to make sure our platform gives you a competitive edge. In addition, we have the best tech talent on board for new feature development.

Order buckets that help you save on additional
growing transactions.

  • Up to

    5000 orders

    $0.04 $0.08 /per order Get Started
  • Up to

    10,000 orders

    $0.033 $0.07 /per order Get Started
  • Up to

    25,000 orders

    $0.029 $0.06 /per order Get Started
  • Up to

    50,000 orders

    $0.026 $0.05 /per order Get Started

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