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Ensure on-time delivery for your local target audience by leveraging a local marketplace platform for your business.

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hyperlocal marketplace

Become the local favourite with customized offerings
for your target area

Wait no longer, make yourself easily accessible to your target audience.

hyperlocal marketplace

hyperlocal marketplaceBuild an online local community

Build a strong local community by onboarding buyers and sellers onto a single marketplace platform. Yelo's hyperlocal marketplace platform allows unlimited listings and users.

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hyperlocal marketplaceMulti-vendor Marketplace

Enroll multiple vendors on your hyperlocal marketplace. Yelo's user-friendly platform makes it easy for them to set up an account and login to your marketplace. Allow them to list and manage products and customers' orders using a single interface, ensuring the efficiency of their business.

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hyperlocal marketplace
hyperlocal marketplace

hyperlocal marketplaceImprove your brand identity

Offer discounts, subscription services, and promotional banners to increase loyalty and customer retention. Use Yelo's marketing features to create mailing lists and send notifications in real-time.

hyperlocal marketplaceServices at customer's doorstep

Deliver orders and manage your staff with our intelligent delivery platform that automates dispatch, achieve optimized routes, and allows you to track them in real-time. Ensure on-time deliveries and enhanced customer experience with Tookan.

Explore Tookan Yelo D-2-C

hyperlocal marketplace
hyperlocal marketplace

hyperlocal marketplaceLocalize your communication

Expand your market, reach a global audience, and cater to different regions without having to worry about language barriers on your website. Get in touch with your customers in more than 80 languages and ensure customer retention.

hyperlocal marketplacePayment Gateways

Integrate multiple payment gateways with your websites, as per your currency and facilitate speedy payments. Provide a smooth payment experience to your customers. Thus improving customer trust & satisfaction.
hyperlocal marketplace

Empowering Businesses all over the World!

Make your local business competitive with an innovative solution

Improve your company's efficiency with our services.

  • hyperlocal marketplace Ordering Dashboard
    Order Management Overall access control Inventory Management
  • hyperlocal marketplace Ordering Website
    Responsive Themes Catalogue Management SEO & Landing pages
  • hyperlocal marketplace Customer App
    Social Signups Real-time Tracking Chatbot support
  • hyperlocal marketplace Merchant App
    Individual Admin Login Customer Management Unlimited Listings
  • hyperlocal marketplace Delivery Management Navigate multiple destinations while ensuring on-time delivery. Route optimization, real-time tracking, and more
  • hyperlocal marketplace Integration & Analytics Integrate 75+ integrations and boost your hyperlocal business' efficiency. Export multi-customized reports tailored to your requirements.
  • hyperlocal marketplace Marketing Automation Launch an SEO optimized, fully responsive platform. Offer discounts and gift cards through landing pages.

An Online Ordering & Delivery SaaS Platform
For Every Business Industry.

Find your industry and quickly launch your online hyperlocal marketplace.


Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace


Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace

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Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace

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