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Order Settings

As the admin, you can control every aspect of your on-demand business from the dashboard. Order management setting that you can modify from the dashboard include:

Accept/Reject Order:
As the dashboard admin, you’ve the option to accept or reject orders. To enable this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Dashboard > Configure > Order Settings > Orders
  • To enable this option, click on the toggle
  • Once enabled, then the admin/merchant will have to manually accept each order

If you want to automatically accept all incoming orders, disable the toggle

Edit Order: Enable this to allow the admin to edit orders before they are accepted by the merchants. This is useful for times when you’ve less items in stock than what the customer has ordered. You can edit the customer’s order before accepting it to ensure they’re sold only what you have in stock.

Buffer time for task: For tasks you know will take longer to complete, you can set a buffer time that will reflect on Tookan. Once you add buffer time for a task, the scheduled time will reflect the buffer time before task start time on Tookan. To set buffer time for task, follow these steps:

  • Go to Dashboard > Configure > Order Settings > Orders
  • Enter the time (in minutes) in the field next to the Buffer time for task to be reflected on Tookan section and click on Save

Task Tagging: Define tags as specified in Tookan. Merchants can assign tags to their categories/products. This helps assign agents with the same tag when the order goes to Tookan

Ratings & Reviews: Enable this to allow customers to rate merchants on the platform.

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