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Delivery Settings

As the dashboard admin, you can define delivery settings for all products/services that are sold in your marketplace. From the delivery time to delivery charge, you can set and change every aspect of how products/services are delivered to your customers. Your delivery settings can be accessed from the Delivery page in the Order Settings section of the Configure subhead.

Delivery Mode
You can choose from three modes; takeaway, home delivery and pick and drop. To set the delivery mode, follow the below path:

Dashboard > Order Settings > Delivery > Delivery Modes

Note: ‘Self-Pickup’ & ‘Delivery’ are configurable terms and can be edited from the Terminology settings.

Delivery Time
If a customer places an order to be delivered at 2:00 pm, how long before that would you schedule the pickup task? Manage this duration from this setting.

Default Delivery Manager: This is enabled only when you enable the extension – ‘Merchant Delivery Management by TOOKAN’. This is a default setting which applies to all merchants – it decides whether the merchant does their delivery or is it managed by you. You can override this setting for any particular merchant from their configurations.

Static Address: If you serve at only specific exact addresses, enable this option and add those addresses. During checkout, a customer will select one among those addresses.

External Delivery Charge: By enabling this you can integrate a 3rd party API to calculate your delivery charge based on a variety of factors.

Estimate Time of Arrival: Enable this toggle to inform your customers about the expected time of arrival of their order.

Distance Wise delivery Charges
You can enable Tookan, Lalamove or iCabbi to deliver products to customers and set the distance wise delivery charge for each individually on the Delivery page under Order Settings.

  • Tookan: Delivery charges will be calculated based on the parameters defined in the ‘Order details’ template on TOOKAN. Prerequisite: ‘Task earning & Agent pricing’ module on TOOKAN.
  • Lalamove and iCabbi: Delivery charges will be calculated by Lalamove based on certain parameters like time and distance.

As the admin dashboard is seamlessly integrated with Tookan, some of these settings are specific to Tookan.

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