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Build your online store or a multi-vendor ordering platform
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Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace Your Customers | Your Platform | Increased Transactions
Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace

Hyperlocal Ordering & Delivery
Enhanced by Powerful Technology

Streamline your digital ordering & delivery process with a powerful
online ordering platform that facilitates every business type.


Establish a single store and focus on optimizing your sales by providing a seamless ordering and delivery platform for your customers.

  • Online Brand Store
  • Online Catalogue
  • Payment Gateways
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Yelo - Hyperlocal MarketplaceYelo

Allow your brand to offer your customers a personalised buying experience. Go D2C and add a new distribution channel for your brand.

  • Manage Multiple Branches
  • Geo-fencing & Location Tracking
  • Improve Brand Visibility
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Yelo - Hyperlocal MarketplaceYelo
Headless Commerce

Build your own front-end and enhance your business without worrying about the infrastructure.

  • Flexible front-end development
  • Own your customer & admin experience
  • Truly Omni-channel
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Save Time By Eliminating Coding And Launch
A White-label Platform For Your Business.

Your Online Store, Your Flavour. Give your website the branding it lacks. Utilize the
numerous features provided by Yelo that are apt to run a fully-customized business.

Hyperlocal Marketplace
Hyperlocal Marketplace

Delivery Integration At Just A Click

Management of orders and deliveries go hand in hand. Likewise, Yelo and Tookan.

In this customer-centric era, Yelo and Tookan give corporations the advantages they need to compete with their competitors by automating, real-time tracking, and efficiently moving goods and products for both B2C and B2B customers.
  • Hyperlocal Marketplace Seamless Integrations

    A smart way to manage business. Integrate with the software that simplifies your business.

    Integrate effortlessly with multiple third-party applications like payment gateways, POS systems, google analytics and more, that are best suitable for your business and provide the best experience for your customers. Integrate your systems in a jiffy without technical expertise. Learn More Hyperlocal Marketplace
  • Hyperlocal Marketplace Multilingual with 75+ Payment Gateways

    Communicate in the language of your target audience & ensure easy online payment.

    Communicate in over 80 languages with your customers and ensure customer retention. Choose from Leading Payment Gateways Supported in 180+ Countries. Learn More Hyperlocal Marketplace

Empowering Online Businesses All
Over The World!

Make the best of these numerous features on Yelo dashboard, specially designed to allow
businesses to operate in their own way.

An Online Ordering & Delivery SaaS Platform
For Every Business Industry.

Find your industry and quickly launch your online hyperlocal business.


Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace


Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace

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Hyperlocal Marketplace Live Demo Yelo - Hyperlocal Marketplace

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    Utilise Yelo's analytics dashboard to track business performance and give your clients the best experience possible.

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