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9 reasons your grocery business needs a white-label grocery app

By Aurobind Singh 24th August 2021

Sometime last year, you might’ve pondered upon the thought of whether your grocery business needs a white-label grocery app. With changing consumer behavior and consumers shifting online to buy groceries, building an online grocery business has become essential to survive in today’s market.

 With pandemic forcing many traditional grocery businesses to close down, online grocery websites and apps helped businesses to weather the storm. White-label grocery apps helped businesses to shift from “ wait for the pandemic to be over” to “ live with the pandemic” mode. 

Today customers value time, convenience, and experience.  In comparison to traditional grocery delivery businesses, a white-label grocery app can help you satisfy improve customer experience and provide faster delivery service.

9 reasons your grocery business needs a white-label grocery app:

  1. Increase visibility and retain customers
  2. Improve customer loyalty
  3. Increase brand recognition
  4. Create a low-cost and direct marketing channel
  5. Increase sales
  6. Provide better customer service
  7. Broaden your customer base
  8. Track customer feedback
  9. Stay one step ahead of your competitors

Increase visibility and retain customers

As per a report by eMarketer a person usually spends around 3 hours and 43 mins on their mobile device every day. Our brain unconsciously retains every image and text we see.`

This subconscious marketing done by your white-label grocery app helps your grocery brand to get more visibility in front of your target audience. 

Improve customer loyalty

Improve customer loyalty

Having your own branded app can help you increase customer loyalty. A white-label grocery app allows your grocery brand to directly communicate with your existing customers. The app allows you to interact with your customers better which in turn increases customer loyalty. In-app purchases and promotions are more effective as compared to any other marketing channel.

Increase your brand recognition with a white-label grocery app

Increase your brand recognition with a white-label grocery app

As stated earlier, having an app helps the subconscious mind of your target audience to have a better recall of your grocery brand. When it comes to stocking up groceries, you want your brand to be the first thing the customer recalls. Having a White-Label Grocery App helps you create that brand recognition. In addition to the feature that allows your customers to get a smooth checkout experience, you can also keep them engaged with loyalty programs and personalized offers. The more engaged your customers are with your grocery brand, the more likely they are to buy from you.

White-Label Grocery App – A low-cost, direct marketing channel

Marketing does not stop after acquiring a customer. You need to constantly remind your customers about your services, any new offers you are running on your, or new groceries that you might have introduced on your app. You can create a direct communication channel with your existing customers by having your own white-label grocery app. It gives you the ability to send personalized push notifications and introduce new grocery items that they might need, or even test a new product to see the demand in the market. You can also create new and attractive offers to increase your cart size.

Yelo helps you do all this and much more. Yelo can help you set up to build an SEO-optimized website, referral programs for your customers, have discounts, personalized promo codes, and more. Also, you can send push notifications to your customers to encourage them to buy more groceries from your app.

Increase Sales with your white-label grocery app

increase sales with white-label grocery app

Your mobile apps will help you generate additional revenue for your grocery brand. The sheer convenience of having an app paired with easy ordering and fast deliveries encourages customers to place repeat orders and increases customer lifetime value. Thus, impacting your overall sales. It also helps you to get another stream of revenue by enabling you to place in-app ads encouraging customers to buy more or new grocery items.

Provide better customer service through White-Label Grocery App

Customer service is a vital part of having a successful business, a satisfied customer will give your repeat orders. In order to have satisfied customers, you need to have a stronghold on customers. Having an app helps you with the same. With the help of chat integration on your app, you can resolve customer queries instantly.
Yelo’s chatbot Hippo plays a vital role by being available for customer service at all times.


Know how Yelo can add value to your Business


Broaden your customer base

Having a white-label grocery app for your grocery business helps you reach out to a huge and right target audience as compared to a traditional grocery business. Having a white-label mobile app provides an edge to your brand. As you can set up your logo, your own inventory and create a unique brand presence for customers to remember. Thus, helping you gain more customers and improve customer retention.

Track Customer Feedback

track customer feedback

Another aspect of a successful business is acting upon customer feedback. Getting customer feedback in a traditional business environment can be a cumbersome task with so many customers to attend to in a traditional setting. A White-Label Grocery App will streamline this process thanks to its rating and review features. Using this option your customers can provide valuable feedback from the comfort of their homes. You can then act upon the feedback and improve the customer experience which in turn will result in your growth.

Be a step ahead of your competition 

One of the most important benefits of a mobile app for your grocery business is that it provides an edge over your competitors by giving you the ability to be in touch with your customers 24/7. Apps have become the way of purchasing groceries in the present day with changing consumer behavior. These days customers value convenience and experience. Having a white-label grocery app can help you provide the same to your customers. The ability to customize your apps according to your brand’s needs gives you an edge by helping your brand with a better brand recall keeps you a step ahead of your competitors.


Yelo is a hyperlocal ordering and delivery platform that provides a pre-built and feature-rich mobile app that can help you grow your grocery business exponentially. It helps you provide the latest features such as online payment, categorization of groceries, customer support, marketing channels, etc. These features help you provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers which encourages them to place repeat orders. Extract real-time reports, manage orders and delivery, and customer support from a single platform, and boost your revenue and CSATs. Try Yelo free for the next 15 days

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