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Why White Label Food Delivery App Is The Best?

By Gargi Modi 25th May 2021
Why White Label Food Delivery Solution Is The Best? - Jungleworks

We live in an era of super-fast computers and mobile phones. Virtual shopping has seen a surge like no other. E-retailers and online sales have skyrocketed, thus creating a bigger supply chain of things that people need. With advanced logistics and tracking support, e-commerce has made shopping really easy with its online applications. Users are adept at using apps and prefer shopping via apps to actually visiting stores. This is where a white label food delivery app comes into the picture. 

Today, you can get anything and everything delivered. From food, groceries, medicines to clothes, shoes, and even equipment of all kinds. It is the need of the hour for every business to have a great online presence to fulfill market demands easily.

What is a White Label App?

Since ordering daily needs online has become ever so ubiquitous today, delivery apps have been on the rise. Food, beverages, groceries, and everyday items for homes are requested and delivered on a daily basis. For new businesses in this space, a white label app can be a real blessing. 

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Why White Label Food Delivery Solution Is The Best? - Jungleworks

A white label food delivery app is essentially a readymade solution to facilitate online food orders instantly. It is a prebuilt app that can be customised according to a business’s needs hassle-free. Online food delivery is here to stay and if you own a restaurant, it makes sense to utilise a white label restaurant app instead of building an app from scratch.

How White Label Food Delivery Apps Come to the Rescue

As we brave the COVID-19 pandemic together, we have to engage in social distancing norms and mask up to stay safe. With offices and other business establishments mostly shut, we are confined to our homes. This has created an enhanced demand for basic household items which includes everyday meals. 

Why White Label Food Delivery Solution Is The Best? - Jungleworks

Food delivery businesses such as Swiggy and Zomato have been working overtime to meet customer demands. This also brings the opportunity for new players to enter the competition and deliver food to a growing market. A white label restaurant ordering app can help make your business go to market so much faster, enabling you to take charge immediately.

Reasons Why You Need a White Label Food Delivery App

Be it a catering service, a food marketplace, or even a restaurant business, a white label app can fully transform your business process. With the aim of giving you the required launchpad that you need to kickstart your online business, a white label app has so much to offer.

Why White Label Food Delivery Solution Is The Best? - Jungleworks
  1. Offer an online database with multiple filters and desired images to showcase your product portfolio.
  2. Enable multilingual support to facilitate a greater range of users of the app.
  3. Make real-time order tracking a possibility to ensure ease of access for all customers.
  4. Give customers the freedom to choose from multiple payment gateways to allow for easy payments every time.

Not only this, a white label food ordering app can put you on the map on app stores across devices and different operating systems.

Choose Yelo – The Intelligent White Label Food Delivery App

Yelo is the best solution that you can find for your white label application service. It is intelligent and futureproof, but more importantly, it is quick to set up and the fastest to market. Here is why Yelo is the best in the business.

Why White Label Food Delivery Solution Is The Best? - Yelo | Jungleworks
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboards
    With Yelo, you can custom create dashboards based on your needs to have everything that you need where you want it. Use a single dashboard to access orders, view delivery status, pull reports, toggle branch activity, etc.  
  • Performance Metric Markers
    Your business can only grow when you periodically analyse your business performance. Yelo has performance metric markers for every activity on the site that lets you keep tabs on every event and transaction. Take a look at reviews and ratings, analyse order volumes, place markers on special activities and do much more.
  • In-built Reporting
    By generating daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly reports, you can get a holistic view of how your business is doing. The built-in reporting systems let you look at past orders, sales figures, delivery statistics, etc. which can help you strategise your next move based on past performance.
  • Efficient Order Management
    Give your delivery agents the app experience and allow them the convenience of marking the orders undertaken. Delivery partners can fulfill the order status in the app easily and mark it complete, incomplete, pending, and so forth.
  • Route Optimisation
    Yelo is built with convenience and time management in mind, so delivery agents will always get the optimised routes to reach multiple locations in the quickest possible time.


If you wish to gain a quick market share, then Yelo is your best bet as a white label food delivery software. It is a low-cost, market-efficient, and robust system that can deliver your app within 24 hours. Yelo uses a no-coding infrastructure that takes you to market in no time. Choose what is best for your business today.


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