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What are White-label Apps? Is it a Good Idea to Build a White-label App?

By Priyanka 24th May 2021

As you have begun your journey into the world of mobile app development, you now have two options: build a custom app from scratch or use a white-label app builder. While the notion of a ready-to-use and deploy framework seems appealing and cost-effective, it has its flaws. And, more often than not, the concerns associated with white-label applications are too significant to overlook.

This post will explore the concept of white label mobile app development and show if they are business-friendly or not.

What is a White-label App?

What are White-label Apps? Is it a Good Idea to Build a White-label App?

A white-label app is an app developed by a white-label platform and subsequently rebranded and re-sold by other companies.

This sort of method is utilised mainly for generic items and services falling under the mass manufacturing category.

Application development companies, i.e., mobile and web app development companies frequently provide white-label software to customers.

Since everyone wants an efficient and economical service, most on-demand companies now seek to promote their services through a smartphone app.

This is because a smartphone is not a luxury anymore, and almost everyone carries a phone, regardless of the entity. Many businesses choose IT firms to help them build an app or software to meet this high demand. There are a number of White-label Business Opportunity Ideas for Entrepreneurs which you can implement to get a boom in your business.

White-label apps have both advantages and disadvantages, so you should be aware of both.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Launching a White-label App

Take a look at these important considerations before getting into white label SaaS marketplace

What are White-label Apps? Is it a Good Idea to Build a White-label App?

Advantages Of White-label Apps

  • Investment Is Low — Yes, white-label applications, or white-label mobile ordering apps, do not require any significant initial expenditure. This may be advantageous for many businesses. Notably, startups, whose budget does not enable them to commit to more substantial spending.
  • Customization — With white-label applications, the app can be heavily customized to reflect the brand’s image. This is useful when a customer wants to sync a product or service with its website and social media networks.
  • Reduced Marketing Time – Assume that a regional taxi company currently has a well-maintained fleet of vehicles. Now that this company has established itself in the market, obtaining a white-label website builder will simply be an added benefit for their clients.
  • Post-release Support and Maintenance — The software businesses that offer white-label apps such as Whatsapp Clone, guarantee support and maintenance once the app is published. This post-release maintenance is critical.
  • Quick Turnaround Time – If a business wants to swiftly acquire a market sector, they may not waste time and choose a ready-made product to enter the market. There are hundreds of taxi apps all around the world, for instance. If a business wishes to capitalize on that opportunity in a place where such a service does not exist. It may obtain an immediate solution and launch it in the market for rapid profits. In this case, a White Label SaaS will be the smartest way to own your brand.

Disadvantages of White-label Apps

  • Cloud-based Setup: Many white-label services are now cloud-based for convenience, and as a result, customers must transmit the user’s data to the cloud, allowing the other firms to know their user’s information. This can lead to exacerbating data exporting issues.
  • Quality of Code: Clients have no influence over the quality of the code used to create the software program in white-label products and services.
  • Rejection by App Stores: One of the most common problems encountered when working with white-label mobile apps is rejection by different app stores. Because app stores’ application criteria have been updated to minimize clone and spam apps.
  • Lack of Functionalities: The white-label app development service comes with limited functionalities. However, it lacks some advanced functionalities that can help in segmenting the audience.
  • Scalability is Limited: The primary issue that arises from the lack of updates is the growth of the white-label app. E.g., when designing a taxi app from the ground up, the firm must guarantee that the application runs smoothly. However, the customer has no choice but to trust the white-label mobile app builder provider’s intentions.

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Way to Build One

With 85% of customers preferring apps to mobile websites and mobile app usage growing year after year. It’s simple to see why your clients would want a mobile app for their business.

Mobile applications may help your clients develop a stronger brand, increase consumer loyalty, and get a competitive edge.

The majority of individuals nowadays want to market their business online using a white-label application.

Yelo is an example of a white-label solution that gives businesses/brands an online marketplace. With various promotional elements, all without programming or setup costs, you can build your brand.

Yelo serves as a one stop marketplace to increase your company’s web exposure and generate leads for your products and services.

For example, the cost of purchasing a white-label delivery app. This is a challenge that Yelo overcomes. Yelo’s services have a reasonable price, and its present clientele is pleasant. Yelo assists in expanding your delivery business by automating order processing, delivery dispatch, and marketing efforts.

Benefits of Choosing Yelo

Still not convinced about Yelo? Here are some more advantages of using this powerful white-label software:

What are White-label Apps? Is it a Good Idea to Build a White-label App?

  • Yelo integrates with over 100 payment gateways, allowing you to begin your company from anywhere in the world.
  • By enabling an add-on from your marketplace extensions, Yelo will help you develop a reputation for your online marketplace. By using the rating and review system and maintaining control over the listings.
  • The Yelo marketplace platform includes features such as a dashboard, mobile app, real-time order tracking, and much more.
  • To communicate with your consumers and maintain consistency, Yelo provides custom bots, live chats, and customized notifications.
  • Yelo offers visually appealing and informative reports and dashboards with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It helps in uncovering business insights that can be exported for additional study.
  • You can easily handle everything yourself by using the Yelo white-label application’s online marketplace without much help.
  • Your marketplace follows best SEO practices. Also, you control your meta tags, sitemap, and robots.txt files with ease.
  • When compared to an offline firm or marketplace, selling online is considerably more accessible. And marketing with Yelo not only helps you sell your products/services online. But also dramatically increases the reach of your business.
  • With Yelo, give your customers the freedom to order anything from anywhere. Users may place orders by filling out a simple ‘concierge form.’
  • You never have to worry about downtime since we work 24 hours to ensure that your website is always online. You may also interact with a third-party application or create an entirely new marketplace experience.


White-label applications are excellent for transforming your business. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when there are white-label applications available for you to employ. You can also check how White Label Food Delivery App Is The Best to learn more about white-label apps.

Small businesses must enter the mobile market to compete, and the best way to do so is to build a creative and distinct mobile presence.

Because development is simplified with a white-label solution, you can devote more time to developing innovative and original ideas.

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