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IoT Powered Fleet Management Solution

Get Efficient And Powerful IoT Fleet Tracking Experience

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Complete Fleet Tracking Solution

“One Solution to All Your Problems”

Optimize your fleet with high-performance IoT powered technology that's automated, reliable and can be customized to suit your business needs. IoT enables an automatic flow of logistics processes and works as a part of an integrated system. our solutions provide an easy-to-use interface with complete performance tracking.

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Process Flow

How It Works
  • Customer Fleet

  • Cellular Network

  • Tookan Cloud

  • Fleet Operators

Features for Smart Fleet Tracking

Our Complete Toolkit


Smart sensors send instant alerts when anyone tries to tamper your assets.



Track with GPS in real-time to avoid the chances of your asset being theft.


Sleep Mode

IoT powered sensor helps to save battery with various sleep mode options.



Enables remote monitoring of your assets in geographic areas surrounded by a geo-fence.


Asset Tracking

Identifies the exact whereabouts of each vehicle, trailer, truck or other assets in a fleet with complete control.


Communication System

Communicate with your fleet seamlessly in one tap and avoid complicated phone calls.

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Top Selling Tookan Tracker

Compact And Efficient With Ignition Detection For All Vehicle Types

OBDII compatible tracker device wireless, plug & play with easy installation.

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Long standby battery, provides a convenient access and cost-effective medium for fleet tracking.

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Robust and secure, directly fitted in the fleet, with ignition detection for all vehicle type.

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Ensure on-time deliveries with
real-time route optimization and
end-to-end delivery tracking

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