Step 4: Agent

  • In Agent Tab: on the top, you can filter and view agents based on their Agent Type.
  • Add Agent: You can add a new agent by clicking on the blue Add Agent button on the top right.
  • Fill the details in the form
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-Mail
  • Phone Number
  • Username: Username you assign an agent to use for logging in
  • Password: Type in a password for logging in your agent app
  • Tags: Enter the tag to identify the category of your agent.
  • What are Tags?
  • Tags simplify segregation. They function as the simplest means of sorting where you can define categories on the basis of job role, job type, employment type, primary function etc. For instance- for a tag “Freelancer”, all your agents tagged “freelancer” will be separated into one category when looked for.
  • Assign Role: Align a role with a set of permissions to the Agent. If you haven’t created any role, you can do it from Access Control in Settings.
  • Agent Type: Choose your agent type in Freelancer or Captive – Transport Type: Choose the transport type- Transport Description:- License Plate: – Color:
  • Import Agent: Import bulk agents at once using a CSV sheet. Download the bulk sample sheet for the format.
  • Export Agent: Export the list of all your agents in a single click.
  • Filter Column: Here, you can filter the columns to display on Agent List on the screen. Mark the checkbox to select which columns to show and unmark those that you want to hide.