Step 3: Scheduling On-Duty / Off Duty

A certain number of times, we get queries from Service Providers on why they have not been able to receive tasks even on the days they are marked  available (You can mark the availability on the calendar) 

Here’s why. 

  • Click on the 3-bar tab on the top left.
  • If the On-duty tab is toggled right, the admin will know you’re available on-duty
  • If it is toggled left, you will be shown as unavailable to the admin to take up the job

Ascertain that you are marked “On-duty” for whatever duration you are available to work so the administrators can assign the task to you; further reaping maximum revenues for yourself. 

If you are marked “Off-duty”, despite marked available for the day, you may not be assigned any tasks to complete.

This feature works in your favour as well. Let’s say you marked yourself available between 9am-5pm on Monday; but something urgent came up on the personal front and you won’t be available. In such circumstances, you can mark yourself Off-duty.