Advanced Settings


Tookan is an international field-force management system, available globally in 28 languages so far. You can choose from the available options in language that changes the default language (English) to the chosen language (French in the below case) throughout the app interface. 


The Tookan App offers navigation provisions through three third-party mapping API’s: Google Maps, Waze and Apple Map; the most widely used one being Google Maps. 

Show Traffic: 

When toggled to the right (bar looks green), the Show Traffic feature is enabled. Using this feature, when you set out for a task, high traffic routes will be duly marked on the route that you are taking. 

 You then have a choice to select the most suitable route. This is especially helpful in cases of urgent deliveries in industrial use cases with the medical industry; so help can reach faster.

Power Saving Mode

When enabled, the power saving mode aides to save phone battery; especially valid on long days, long journeys or on the days when there are multiple tasks to be accomplished. 

Map Style 

You can customise the map view between a dark map and light map as per your visual comfort. 

Exercise your Rights

Tookan believes in giving you varied rights for your best benefits. 

You reserve:

  • The Right to be Forgotten
  • The Right to Portability
  • The Right to Rectification
  • The Right to Restriction of Processing