Step 4: Task Journey

4.1 Accept or Decline a Task

  • Once a new task is listed by the admin on the Tookan App, the admin assigns a task to the available Service Provider on-duty. This may be automated or manual.
  • Once the task is assigned, the Service Provider to whom the task is assigned receives a notification on their phone. (Refer Notification Settings)
  • If you receive the task notification, upon opening the app, you can select either the Accept or Decline option, based on whether or not you wish to take up the job.

*It must be noted that not all admins enable this feature. So you may or may not be able to Accept or Decline a task.

4.2 Task Completion

  • You receive a task on the app which you accept or decline.
  • If the task is declined, the app switches to a normal view
  • If the task is accepted, you swipe towards “start the task”
  • The task details will now be made available to you, including the name of the concerned person, address, contact information and destination location.
  • Once the task begins, you proceed to the task location, for example, a delivery task. You can navigate through the enabled choice of maps(Read Navigation) and follow the directions to reach the delivery location.
  • Upon reaching the delivery location, collect the proof of delivery- this includes a digital signature that gets automatically saved on the device. This feature, as well, is enabled only by certain administrators.
  • Post completing the due formalities swipe right towards “Complete the task”


The task is now complete. 


4.3 What if the receiver is unavailable?


At times, it might so happen that the receiver is unavailable at the delivery address. In this scenario, the task still remains “Incomplete.” 

If however, you decline the task, it will be marked as “Cancelled.”


4.4 Reminders

When you acknowledge/accept a task, but haven’t yet started the job, a pop-up alert appears when you are left with 30 minutes to complete a task.