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Route optimization

Routing Optimization add-on allows you to efficiently optimize the routes, saving you both time and money.

Go to Menu > Extensions > Activate Route Optimization

This is an add-on feature which is charged separately on top of your current plan.

Using Routing Optimization is very easy. Below are the two ways to optimize your routes:

Optimize route for all unassigned tasks:

  • Step 1– Click on the ‘Routing’ button (at the bottom of Tasks bar) and a pop-up will open. Select all the unassigned tasks in the pop-up and click Next. For eg. 10 tasks selected.
  • Step 2– Set the max. and min. number of tasks to be assigned per agent and then select the agents for optimizing route (For eg. 2 agents), click Optimize Route.
  • Step 3– Click on a particular agent in the agent bar in order to view the optimized path.

Complete Route Optimization flow:

Now add Fleet end location:

Adding ‘Fleet end location’ allows solving the use cases where you want to optimize route in such a way that your agent should return to a particular location after performing the tasks.