Tookan Webinar

How to use Route Optimisation in Tookan to increase vehicle and fleet efficiency.

Thursday 3rd, June 2021 | 7 PM | IST

Are you facing challenges in meeting delivery fulfillment requests? Avoid manual route planning and save time & cost. Learn how to use Tookan’s Route planning to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption and save time.

Plan and create routes with route planning software for your business’s hassle-free and smooth task assignments. Manage routes with a multi-stop route planner.

What will you learn?

Is Route Optimisation really necessary for my Business?

How to plan delivery routes efficiently?

How to manage your agents in real-time?

How to plan dynamic routes for the shortest path?

How to make multi-stop delivery route with shortest path possible?

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Our Speaker

Mr. Arun Kumar

Tookan Product ManagerLinked In

Our Speaker

Mr. Manish Sharma

Associate Tookan Product ManagerLinked In